A few years back I was totally sucked into the hype of the Violet Voss palettes. The Holy Grail palette specifically was THE palette to have and I knew I had to have it. Violet Voss wasn’t so readily available in the UK when I first purchased this so I felt so excited when it was finally mine! After accumulating a lot of palettes, the Holy Grail palette ended up at the bottom of the pile and I sold it to a friend who I thought would get more use out of it. I majorly regretted selling it and decided to repurchase it as a birthday present to myself recently. 😅 You’re probably thinking, if you decluttered it, why on earth did you buy it again?! And I know, it probably wasn’t the most logical decision but after looking at it on the Beauty Bay website, I was so drawn to the colours again and remembered how much I loved this palette. I knew I would use it more this time around since my makeup application skills have (somewhat) improved and I wear eyeshadow more than I did 3 years ago. I thought it would be interesting for me to reflect on this palette a bit and see if it was worth me repurchasing it after missing it. You can read my original first impressions of this palette here.

The palette’s packaging has had a slight update since I previously owned it. The older packaging had matte black packaging, whereas this one has purple tinted packaging that is sheen-y rather than matte. I prefer the newer packaging because it looks cool when the front catches the light and gives a rainbow effect and feels more expensive than the matte packaging. I feel like the newer packaging will get less dirty than the previous matte black.


Now onto the shade selection – the reason I was wanting this palette back in my life again. It really does has every shade you need for a neutral/warm makeup look. This palette is called ‘Holy Grail’ for a reason – it is a must have for any warm toned eyeshadow lover! With an amazing ratio of mattes to shimmers, you have lots of shades with different depths and tones to create all kinds of makeup looks. You can keep it simple with lighter-everyday shades, or add the drama with the deeper shimmers and mattes if you’re feeling like going full glam. The matte shades cover everything from transition shades to deeper smoky shades (with options in between) and the shimmers offer options for any warm toned look – with pale champagnes, warm golds,bronzes and coppers and shimmering berry tones too. I like how the layout of the palette as well, I think it makes it easy for anyone to create a countless amount of makeup looks. I see myself using all the shades in this palette – it is a one stop shop for all your warm/neutral/nude eyeshadow needs. The shade selection means that I can use this palette alone or alongside another (more colourful) palette too.


The quality of the eyeshadows is better than I remember. The mattes are creamy, pigmented and blendable. They aren’t too powder-y or pigmented to the point where they are hard to apply or you can’t achieve a sheer look. You can create a seamless blend with the mattes since they apply well together. The shimmers in this palettes are absolutely beautiful. They are full on with just one swipe with your finger or brush and can be built up for an intense shine. The shadows last all day with an eye primer (I have to use an eyeshadow primer no matter what) and I only noticed a bit of fallout with the deeper shades.

Overall, I am so excited to have this palette back in my life. The colour story offers me just what I need for my makeup looks and preferences. I am a warm-toned/neutral eyeshadow girl through and through and the Holy Grail Palette from Violet Voss gives me everything I need. I can create countless looks, from the subtle everyday, to the intense glam. The formula performs amazingly well with minimal fallout, so I know I will keep reaching for this for all my eyeshadow needs.