Today I bring you a post focused on a few products that I don’t really like. Most of the time my beauty purchases work out, but sometimes I’m left underwhelmed or disappointed with some. I have done another post like this is the past, which you can read here

  • Gosh Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel – I was looking for a drugstore alternative to the Benefit Gimme Brow, but this isn’t it! I find the spoolie holds too much product so it is really hard to use for me. I try to apply this to my brows but it just gets all over the skin by my brows which is just annoying. You can’t build up the product so it gets really thick and cakes up in places when applying more than one layer. This product might work if you have really thick brows and just want to add a slight tint.
  • Simple Eye Balm – I had a moment when my under eyes were really dry and I thought it would make sense to get a cheaper eye cream if my dryness was a temporary thing. I was very wrong about this! I found this to made my eyes drier and stung my skin. My skin is very sensitive so that might be why this didn’t work for me. I have used some products from Simple in the past and liked them, just this product was a bit of a miss for me.


  • Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation – When I first purchased this last year, my first impression was that is was pretty good. I don’t know if the formula has changed but I really don’t like anymore. It breaks down really quickly on my skin and made me look really oily within a few hours. I feel like the texture changed significantly in a short amount of time which is annoying considering the shelf life is 12 months. I need to use a lot of product to get my skin to look good with it on, and then it looks bad after a few hours of wear. It was only £6 so it isn’t a huge loss I guess. I would be interested to try the Cushion Foundation or Stick Foundation from Wet n Wild if they come to Beauty Bay instead since I think I’d prefer these for my skin type.
  • MAC Lip Liner in Whirl – This is more of a shade disappointment than a formula/product one. I got this a few years back when Whirl and Velvet Teddy were having a moment because of Kylie Jenner. I purchased this when I didn’t really know much about what colours would suit my skin tone. The shade Whirl pulls really purple-y, mauve on me (and not in a flattering way). I have found that I prefer something more nude and pink for my lip liner choices. I am trying to use this up in my Project Pan this year, once it is used up I will do a bit more research and try another lip liner from MAC.

I hope this was an interesting/informative post. I think it is useful to know what is a good product and what isn’t. I hope I’m not alone in any of these products being a disappointment! Let me know what beauty products you’ve found disappointing, I’d love to know!