I have been a huge fan of Real Techniques brushes for years. I think they are some of the best I’ve tried, regardless of price-point. Their brush sets are really good value for money and cover you for a lot of makeup brush needs.

I picked up the Everyday Essentials Brush Set around Black Friday last year and have been testing (and loving) these brushes ever since.

This brush set contains 4 brushes and 1 makeup sponge which I think is really amazing value for money. As the name of this brush set would imply, you get the basic brushes you need to do most of your makeup look (depending on how many steps you do). All the brushes in this set are brushes that have been favourites from RT for a while, they have just had a packaging update. I have noticed that a lot of Real Techniques’ brushes are getting a makeover. The old handles used to be one colour with a black accent, whereas their newer brushes are all the same colour. I really like the updated colours for the brushes, kinda metallic pastel shades that look really cute in your brush cup. I’m not sure if this is a new direction that the Real Technique’s brushes are taking and they will all be updated. I hope so, I definitely prefer the packaging of these newer brushes.


Much like the older style of packaging, these Real Techniques brushes are colour coded based on what they are used for application-wise. Base brushes are a peachy-orange, Finish (blush,bronzer,highlighter) brushes are a light pink and eye brushes are purple.

RT 200 Expert Face Brush – This is a dense brush for applying foundation and concealer. I have only ever tried their Buffing Brush in the past, but I think I prefer the 200 brush. I like that this brush is more densely packed because I’ve found it buffs out my base products a lot of more seamlessly and quicker. I think it is a great size to get under the eyes, as well as blending out my foundation on the rest of my face.

RT Miracle Complexion Sponge – This is my favourite method of application for my base, I have loved this sponge for YEARS! Comparing to my older Miracle Complexion Sponge that I’m using, I have found that the one in this set performs much better. Not only is it softer and more squishy (which helps blend out my products better IMO), but it feels better quality and that it will last through washing and repeated use a lot longer. I know that they updated their sponge a while ago, I am still working my way through a previous set of 6 that I purchased a while back. I am so excited to be able to purchase their newer ones because they seem so much better.


RT 400 Blush Brush – I also have the previous version of this and love using it for lots of different parts of my routine. This brush is amazing for applying a sheer layer of blush or bronzer and diffuses the product so well. I also love it for applying a lighter layer of my setting powder on lighter makeup days too. I think the newer 400 brush is slightly softer and less bulbous, but didn’t notice a difference in application compared to my older brush.

RT 402 Setting Brush – I own this in the older version too and it is my fave brush for highlighting because of the fluffy-ness and size. I also use this to blend out my concealer sometimes. Comparing the older and new 402, I think the newer brush feels softer than the older one. But I think the newer brush is slightly larger and less tapered than the older. It isn’t totally noticeable and doesn’t affect makeup application (both powder and liquid products) and it might be because I have used and washed my older brush so many times that the shape has changed ever so slightly.  I plan on using one brush for my highlighter and one for my concealer.

RT Deluxe Crease Brush – I would call this more of a base/cream shadow buffing brush than a crease brush. I typically use a tapered, fluffy brush for my crease, rather than something like this brush that is more round and dense. I would use this brush for cream eyeshadow application (still to find a formula that I like though) but since I don’t currently own any cream shadows, I have been using this to blend out my eyeshadow primer or for spot concealing on my face due to the smaller size. I have this brush that I got in an eye brush set before, but I think these two versions are exactly the same.

Overall, I think this brush set is great value for money. The brush quality is amazing and every brush is useful. I think it would make a great gift for a beginner because you get a lot of brushes in one set. I like that you can use these brushes for a multiple things, not just what the brush is designed for. I can’t wait to see all of the Real Techniques brushes updated with this new packaging and softer, but still high quality bristles/sponge material.