Now that No-Buy January is officially over, I thought it would be interesting for me to reflect on my experience of being on a No-Buy and share what I have learnt about myself and my beauty shopping habits. I have done month-long no-buys in the past, collectively I have done 4 months of no purchasing in the last year. Here is what I learnt whilst being on a No-Buy in the past.

  • Sometimes the hype of beauty products is short-lived – I usually make wish lists to keep track of items I am interested in and to stop myself impulse purchasing. Throughout my no-buys I make an effort to put specific items in my ‘Reminders’ section of my phone (I set the reminder the day the No-Buy ends). When I look back at all the products that caught my eye, some I had completely forgotten about/lost interest in – which shows how short lived hype or FOMO is. If I am still into the particular product after a waiting period, I allow myself to do further research to find out if the product will work for me. I will continue to make wish lists (even when on a low-buy) to help counter-act my impulse purchases.
  • Looking for dupes can be a real money saver – sometimes if a palette or highlighter takes my fancy, i will check through my collection to see if i have anything similar. This not only helps me rediscover forgotten products, but saves me money too! In reality, once makeup is applied (especially highlighter and eyeshadows) it doesn’t look that different or unique when you compare different brands/products. I don’t really need another champagne-toned highlighter because i already own a few that barely look different on my actual face.
  • Shopping your stash can give you that ‘new-makeup’ excitement – I own more makeup than one person needs, and this means that sometimes I neglect really awesome products because I’ve added new and exciting things to my stash. Taking the time to Shop my Stash each month gives me the chance to get to know my collection better and rediscover some amazing products I simply forgot about! Shopping my Stash also helps me discover items I don’t like so much, which then get decluttered.
  • Doing an inventory really puts things into perspective – I have only been doing inventories for about 1 year and a half now but it has really benefited me. Knowing exactly what you own (and in my case, the sheer amount…) helps the no buy process because when I saw the numbers, I realistically knew i didn’t really need to get another highlighter or neutral eye shadow palette.
  • Try a Project Pan to refocus – Whilst being on a No-Buy it really helps to channel my energy into the makeup I already own and love. By doing a Project Pan it shows me how long it takes to use up makeup and helps me feel productive as I track my progress. Project Pans can last a few months during a No-Buy or for an extended amount of time to help you focus on the amazing makeup you already have, rather than coveting new items.

So there were a few things I learnt over my months of No-Buying of beauty products. For the rest of 2019, I will be on a low-buy. I am able to replace items as I use things up (if I don’t have alternatives in my collection) and I’ve given myself a monthly budget if anything takes my fancy. For some product categories, like highlighter and eye shadow I am only allowing myself to add 1 or 2 to my collection – unless I completely pan anything. I just want to be more mindful about what I am purchasing to ensure everything gets used and loved.  I hope this post has inspired you to keep your beauty purchasing habits in check.