Since Dom and I were home for the Christmas period, I thought I’d talk you guys through what I’ve packed in my travel makeup bag. Some products I will always travel with because they are travel-friendly, but a lot of the time I switch out some products based on what I’m loving at the time.

Primer – If I have a travel size primer I tend to bring that along because it saves space. My primer of choice this time was the Becca First Light Priming Filter. This is really hydrating, adds a perk to tired skin and works with a lot of foundations that I’ve tried.

Foundation – This category kinda depends on what my plans are. I knew over Christmas I wouldn’t require intensive full coverage since it will be quite a chilled trip. I am bringing a few sample sizes of various foundations because they take little room up in my makeup bag. If my trip was shorter I would only bring one full-size foundation to save space. Also, if I don’t have any samples to hand for a longer trip, I tend to bring a full size everyday foundation option and a decanted pot of a full coverage option to have just in case. I have the Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Foundation and the Clinique Even Better Glow since these are both everyday options for me. For a more coverage I packed my Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation sample because it seemed a bit extra to bring a full size bottle of foundation for something I might only wear once or twice during this trip.

Concealer – This product varies depending on which one I am currently using. For this trip I’m bringing my Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer because it is close to my natural skin tone and isn’t too full coverage so it won’t look odd when I’m wearing a lighter coverage foundation.


Powder – Pressed Powder is definitely the way to go when you’re traveling since the packaging tends to take up less space than a loose powder and there is less mess. I picked my Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder because it is my fave pressed powder EVER. It sets my makeup down and doesn’t ever look cakey. This product is super full proof which is what you want when you’re away and don’t have a lot of makeup options.

Bronzer/Contour – I bring a matte bronzer that isn’t too warm to double up as my bronzer and contour step. I am currently trying to use up my Honey Bronze from the Body Shop which is why I chose this one to bring with me this trip. This bronzer is good for a sheer wash of colour but it can be built up for a more intense bronze look (without being too obvious) as well.

Blush – I always bring my mini Benefit Dandelion blush with me since it works with a lot of different eye looks and comes in smaller, travel size packaging.

Highlighter – I always bring my Smashbox Spotlight Palette in Pearl when I travel. It contains 3 highlighters in one slim compact. I love that this contains 3 shades with varied level of highlight-ness which means I have a bit of choice for my highlighter step. I also love using these on my eyes too. I have also brought along my mini Nudestix Illumi-naughty cream highlighter because I haven’t really tried this and it makes sense to bring it along as a smaller product.


Brows – Brow pencil is the most travel-friendly option if you ask me. You get a spoolie and brow product in one item which is super convenient. I have also brought my brow gel in case I’m feeling lazy for a minimal makeup day and to set the pencil in place too.

Eyeshadow – This usually varies depending on what I’m loving at the time. I decided to take my Dose of Colors Baked Browns palette because it is small and slim. Even though this is an all matte palette, I can still do a variety of looks and can use my highlighter palette for shimmers if I want to. I also love traveling with my Colourpop palettes too since you get 12 shades in a pretty small and non-bulky palette, it kinda just depends what palette I’m in the mood to bring when I’m packing. As a little extra, I decided to bring my Stila Glitter and Glow mini in Kitten Karma for the option for Christmas sparkle and to help add a bit of something extra to my matte palette.

Mascara – If I have a mini open I will bring that along, but I am happy to bring a full size mascara because they don’t take a lot of space. I am currently using a travel size of the Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara that I got from the Glamour Beauty Club. It isn’t my fave mascara (especially considering the price of the full size) but it isn’t the worst mascara I have tried so.

Lips – I used to be someone who over packed on the lip products, but I’ve learnt that I should really only bring one or two options since I always play it safe and wear the same shade every day. I brought my nude Rimmel retractable lip liner since it doesn’t need a sharpener and will work with a lot of lip products. For lip colours I chose Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick, Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Alyssa and Urban Decay Fuel lip gloss for nude options and Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Miami Fever for my festive red option. I usually bring 3/4 lip products for nudes and one alternative shade in case I am feeling daring or the occasion I’m traveling for calls for it.


So there was a little look in my Christmas Edition makeup bag. Over the years I have learnt to edit my makeup bag down (regardless of the length of the trip) because I want to maximise space and not carry a lot of things just in case. A lot of my makeup bag for traveling will depend on the length of the trip or what the season/occasion is. Some products get switched out depending on what I am loving or using at the time, whereas there are some products that I will always travel with due to their travel-friendly packaging.