I recently wrote a post on disappointing products (linked here) and thought I would reflect on some products I’ve changed my mind on – good and bad. I saw Jessica Braun did video on this topic and thought it would be fun to look at my beauty stash and see if I had changed my opinions on any products.

Bareminerals Original Foundation – I said in my disappointing products post that I didn’t really like it because it didn’t do anything or make much of a difference. But, during the summer I loved this because it was lightweight whilst still setting my minimal makeup down and keeping it in place. I now reach for this more often when I’m doing a more ‘no makeup makeup’ look since it only makes a subtle difference on me and doesn’t add much coverage. I’m not sure I’d repurchase this but I am happy to have got some more use and enjoyment from this, rather than just throwing it away.

Kat Von D Loose Powder – I know KVD is quite the controversial brand now so I definitely wouldn’t repurchase even if I did like this powder. Despite the drama I have totally changed my mind on this and don’t like it at all. I wanted a loose powder that wouldn’t emphasise my dryness and for a while this worked okay, but recently I have found this to look really cakey on me. It feels really heavy and doesn’t do the best job and setting my makeup so once this is used up I am gonna move on to something else. I think I’ll stick to my trusty RCMA powder from now on.

Sorry that this photo looks a lil’ weird…

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Brow Kit – I have had this for YEARS and said to myself that this was the last year I’d be keeping it once my 2018 project pan was finished. It might be the fact that this is an older product, but the powder itself is too soft to get a precise application on my brows. The powders don’t last that well either and I’m not a huge fan of the shades anymore. Now I know a bit more about brows I would probably take more time to research a brow powder, rather than just buying one because it was a YouTuber’s brand.

Liquid Lipstick – This is more of a general product category I’ve changed my mind on. I used to not really like liquid lipstick because all the formulas I’d tried were super drying. Since trying a few different brands and narrowing down what I like, I can see what all the hype is about. As long as the formula doesn’t crumble off and lasts a reasonable amount of time, I’m pretty happy. My fave formulas have to be; Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips, NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams or the Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks.

Sometimes its good to give products a second chance to see if your opinion could change, sometimes for the good or bad. I found that the season or the state of my skin can have a big impact on what I like. I find that even when I experience bad things from products it is useful for me to learn more about what I like and my makeup preferences. In some cases you could rediscover something and find new favourites, much like I did with Liquid Lipstick.