So today’s post is another list of my fave Youtubers who are similar in skin tone to me and who I rely on for makeup recommendations. I’ve done one of these before (Linked here ) and it went down quite well. I thought I’d do another to help any of you out there who are fair skinned like me and are after some new Youtubers to watch who use/recommend products and shades that will work for you too! 

  • Arna Alayne – I discovered Arna earlier this year when I was looking for a review on a specific product on a fairer skin tone. While Arna is slightly paler than me, her base series on the the lightest shade is such a useful resource when I’m looking for new base products. She does amazing in-depth reviews and run-downs of the best *insert makeup here* for fair skin. She is also a lover of cool tone eyeshadow looks which is great for me to push myself out of my warm tone obsession. 
  • Thataylaa – I love Taylor’s Foundation Friday and 15 Days of Foundation series’ that she does because she tries so many foundations and she does at least 10 hour wear tests and is really critical of the foundations that she tests. I would say I’m close to Taylor in skin tone and we both have dry skin and like a dewy look so I know I can trust her recommendations to work for me. She does so much within the beauty community and really uses her platform for good. It’s been amazing to see her Roaccutane journey as well. Taylor is the place to go for foundation recommendations for fairer skin!
  • NikkieTutorials – who doesn’t love Nikkie?! She is so insanely talented and she really inspires me to want to get creative and experiment with my makeup. If I want a full coverage foundation or concealer recommendation I turn to Nikkie since she is a full coverage queen. She also loooovees highlighter so I know I’m in safe hands with her blinding highlight recommendations too. 
  • JKissa – another recent discovery, Jkissa is unique because she doesn’t wear foundation at all, yet still does amazing looks. I’ve learnt so much for her about colour theory and pairing eye shadow shades together – she knows so much about makeup . I definitely recommend checking her out if you want to learn more about makeup application and creating eye looks.

I hope you guys found this helpful. If you have any Youtubers favourites who have fair skin, let me know since I love discovering new youtubers!