I recently added two new single shadows to my collection from Urban Decay and I wanted to review them for you guys since I haven’t tried any singles from them before.

I initially purchased these to be depotted into my single shadow palette, but it looks like it is gonna be more difficult than expected for me to depot these since the shadows are in plastic casing. (If anyone has any tips on how to remove these so I am just left with the pan, please let me know!) I really like the look of the single shadow packaging from UD, but I know if these aren’t with the rest of my single shadows I just won’t use them as often as I should since they would get lost among the rest of my makeup.

ud singles

Anyway, onto the review portion! I picked up the shades Riff and Fireball because I felt like they filled gaps in my single shadow collection and suited my preferences.

Riff is a warm brown that is a satin based eyeshadow, but the shimmer doesn’t translate that much on the eyes from my experience. It is quite pigmented, but isn’t too opaque that it is hard to apply and work with. The shade works as a ‘one and done’ shade or in the crease, outer corner or lower lash line of a more layered eye look. I think the warmness of the shade really brings out the green in my hazel eyes which I really like as well.

ud singles 2
L-R: Riff, Fireball

Fireball is a duo-chrome that is a warm orange base that flashes pink in the right light. I am obsessed with this shade, its soooooo dreamy. I love warm tones and the fact that this is duo-chrome makes it even more pretty to me. I tried my best to capture the duo-chrome in the swatch photos but I don’t think I did the shade justice. This shade is perfect all over the lid paired with the UD’s Naked Heat Palette or ABH’s Modern Renaissance Palette. I have worn this as a sheer layer to add a subtle pinky-orange glow to my lids or built up with maximum impact and have loved both effects. Because of the warm tone of this shade, it pairs well with Riff as well.

ud swatches
Top-Bottom: Riff, Fireball

The formula of these shadows feels the same quality of the Naked Heat Palette which is UD’s best palette formula in my opinion. They blend really well and have great pigmentation as well. They last well with an eyeshadow primer (I have to wear a primer no matter what formula I’m using because my eyelids are really oily) and I did notice a bit of fallout with the shade Fireball, but nowhere near as bad as the fallout I get with the original Naked Palette.

As much as I loooove these shades and how they perform, I’m not sure I would purchase UD single shadows again, unless the depotting process is super easy. I don’t usually spend this much on single shadows, I only got these because I had a voucher which made these more affordable. I don’t regret purchasing at all because these shades are amazing, but I think they are as good as Makeup Geek or Colourpop which are a lot cheaper and easier to put in my empty palette. It seems a shame to depot these shadows because I like the packaging, but I know myself and I just wouldn’t reach for these as often as I should if I left them as singles.

I was thinking of doing a tour of single shadow palette so far and document the process of me adding shades. Or it might be better for me to wait until the palette is full. If this is something you’d be interested in, let me know!