I don’t think it is a secret that I love Zoella and her beauty brand. Every time a new release hits the shelves I know I HAVE to try at least a few items in the collection because the scents, products and packaging are always so on point. Today I am gonna talk through the items I have picked up from her Summer 2018 release, Splash Botanics.

I picked up 4 items from this range and Superdrug had a 3 for 2 on so I managed to get these products at an even more reasonable price. As always, I picked the products I thought I would like the most and would get the most use out of. I love the packaging design for all the products, it really fits the summer release and reflects the scent of the products as well.


Firstly, I picked up the ‘Make a Splash’ Moisturising body wash. I have tried this formula before in her Gelato range so I knew I would like the product itself. It is thick and creamy which leaves my skin feeling really moisturised after use. The scent is really refreshing and light for the summer time. This and the Body Sorbet have the same scent with coconut water and lychee which help make these products light, fresh and not too sickly in scent. I know Zoe has mentioned that she uses her creamy body washes to also shave her legs, which I definitely want to give a go too. I really like that this doesn’t dry my skin out, which can happen which some shower gels.

Next up is the ‘Quench Me’ Body Sorbet, which I use after the shower cream. This formula is super light which is reflected in the fact that this is a gel formula. Because it is so light-weight, it means this sinks into the skin really quickly and you’re not left super sticky (which I hate in summer). But I would say that this is so light in texture that I end up using quite a lot to cover my whole body, but that might be because my skin is so dry. The light floral scent is subtle enough to not be overpowering, but still noticeable. The Body Sorbet smells more floral than the shower cream whilst having the coconut water and lychee scent, but the scents are obviously not too different that they clash because they are from the same range.

zoella cream

I always pick up Zoe’s body sprays because fragrance is one of my favourite things about beauty. In the Splash Botanics range the body spray is called, ‘Botanic’eau’. It has the same packaging as all the other body sprays, which I like because they all look cute next to each other on display! Out of all of the products, I would say that this has the most prominent floral scent, whilst still being fresh and light. It still isn’t super floral like a Marc Jacobs perfume though, so this might be a good one to go for if you’ve felt like Zoe’s other body sprays have been quite floral/fruity. I like that in ‘Botanic’eau’ you can smell the notes that are in the other products (coconut water and lychee), whilst still being able to smell the iris and freesia in there too. Since the scent is so light, it means that this doesn’t last ages on my skin (at least during this heatwave we’ve been having) but that is to be expected from a body spray. It is easy to carry around and reapply throughout the day, or just apply it on your clothes to ensure the scent sticks around a bit longer. This and the ‘Gelat’eau’ body spray are probably my favourites out of all of the body spray releases and they are both perfect for summer.

zoella spray

Finally, the product I was most excited for, the ‘So Soft’ Lip Oil. I was so excited for this product because Zoe has never really launched anything like this before. I love trying new lip treatments because my lips can get really dry and I am always on the hunt for new faves. I really like the packaging for this, I think blush pink with the green leaf detail on the lid looks so nice. The doe foot applicator is a really great size and deposits the oil really nicely so that the application is even. The oil itself looks slightly pink, but I don’t think that translates on the lips. So, onto how this performs…I really really like this!! I think it leaves my lips feeling really soft and hydrated. I have been wearing this before bed and I always wake up with amazing results. I think it would also been really nice during the day with a bit of lip liner underneath to add a soft sheen in the summer when you don’t want the sticky feeling of a heavier gloss. The scent is cherry, which I really like because it isn’t an overly artificial smell which can be the case with drugstore lip products in my experience. I had high expectations for this and was so excited since it is a new product for Zoella Beauty, and this totally blew me away! I hope Zoe releases new versions of this with her different launches in the future.

zoella oil

Overall, I would say this is one of my favourite releases from Zoella Beauty yet (and yes I know, I always say that)! I think the scents and formulas are perfect for this time of year since it all feels super summery. I like how all the products have a similar scent, but aren’t all exactly same because it makes using them together more enjoyable because of the different notes that emerge when used in conjunction with each other. I think the lip oil is one thing I would recommend over everything because it excited me the most. I would really recommend checking out Zoella Beauty for an awesome cruelty-free brand at the drugstore that offers different scents and formulas that suits everyone’s preferences across her different ranges.