I have done wishlist posts in the past but thought it would be fun for me do themed posts with a single brand and let you guys know all of what I want to purchase from them. I will only be doing this with brands that I feel I have a significant number of products to talk about since that makes the most sense.

I thought I would kick off this series with a brand that has been on my radar for a while now, Colourpop.

I have tried a few things from Colourpop and have been continuously impressed with their products. Everything seems like amazing quality for the low price point, whilst being cruelty-free. I just haven’t been able to take the plunge and do an online order for multiple items out of fear of the customs charge. I have usually picked up my items from Depop or eBay but I think once I start working full-time I might just have to start ordering from the real site. I basically want everything on their website because it all looks sooooo good, so I thought I would create an edited list of the products that are the highest priority for me to pick up whenever I commit to ordering.

  • Pressed eyeshadows – I want to try these in single and palette form! I have already tried the KathleenLights Dream St. palette and am obsessed with the formula and quality (just reminded myself that I need to review this, keep a look out for that).  I think their palettes look awesome because they are so compact whilst containing 12 shades and the shade selections seem to compliment each other so well. I have my eye on the Double Entendre and Give it to me Straight palettes. In terms of their single shadows, they look amazing quality for a low price point. I think I would only pick up some unique shades that I couldn’t get from brands more available here to make it worth them purchasing.
  • Lux Lipsticks – These are a recent launch from the brand and one that I have been super interested in trying. First off, the packaging is GORG, I am obsessed with the rose gold and star pattern. I can just imagine how beautiful they will look displayed in my makeup storage. The shades Lay Over, Uno Mas and Appy have interested me the most.
  • No Filter Concealer – A lot of people were talking about this product which is why it interests me so much. Concealer is one of my favourite products and I am still trying to find something that rivals my UD Naked Skin concealer. I have heard that this does dry down darker, which is why I have been scared to try it because I don’t want to get the wrong shade. They have recently launched new shades so I will hopefully be able to find something that works for my skin tone.
  • Highlighters and Bronzers – Colourpop launched pressed powder cheek products that also interested me when I saw them launch. I have never been super interested in their Super Shock Cheek products since I didn’t think I’d get on with the formula all that much, so I think this range will work better for me. The shade of highlighter I want to try is Here Kitty Kitty since champagne highlighters are my fave, and their bronzer in Private Party looks like a great shade for my skin tone.

So that was a list of Colourpop products that I am the most keen to try in the (hopefully) near future. The list is never-ending with CP because all their products seem AMAZING, I just want to try it all!