It isn’t often that I am really disappointed with beauty products that I purchase since I spend so long researching and swatching (if possible) before I commit to purchasing something. A lot of times if products are okay, I am happy to make them work and I end up liking them once I have given them enough of a go or experimented with the different ways I can use them. But, sometimes products are just that bad (in my opinion) that I just can’t make them work or see a point in continuing to use them. In some cases (like mascara I will just suck it up since the shelf life is so short), I will just use the product up and hate pan it. Other times I try to destash products and offer them to friends or family who may have more luck with the product than me. Today I thought I would tell you guys a few products I haven’t really got on with (yet still kept around) and why I don’t like them.

  • bareminerals Original foundation – I don’t really get this product. I feel like it gives me no coverage at all, no matter the different ways I try to make it work. It does an okay job of setting my makeup but I think the oil control just doesn’t do it for me and I always look cakey whenever I use this. I have about half left, which makes me want to persevere and use it up, which is why it is in my project pan this year. Maybe I will get more use out of it in the summer when my makeup is more minimal.
  • 17 Stay Time concealer – I know the brand 17 has been discontinued but I still wanted to mention this product. I was looking to switch up my concealer and saw that 17 offered a ‘Very Fair’ shade which looked promising. I think the shade of this is really good for fair skin tones, but I don’t really like the formula or coverage. It claims to be full coverage, which I don’t think I would agree with. I wouldn’t say it lasts amazingly well on me either. The formula is quite thick, which isn’t usually a big deal to me as long as I like the coverage and it doesn’t cake, which isn’t the case for this product. The hunt for a CF alternative to the Collection Lasting Perfection continues…


  • Barry M Take a Brow clear brow gel – Ever since I used up my Benefit clear brow gel I have been hunting for a replacement that is CF. I saw this one day in Superdrug and decided to give it a try. I really like the size of the spoolie because it is so small and I think you can really apply the product where you want it. But I don’t think the gel itself is all that great. I don’t think it claims to be able to keep the brow hairs in place all day, but that is what I want in my brow gel. My eyebrow hairs are quite long and have a tendency to curl at the bottom of each hair so I prefer a gel that will act like hairspray for my brows. I would much rather a gel that left my brows feeling crispy than run the risk of them moving around all day. I think I will try the ABH clear brow gel next time, unless I find a cheaper alternative.
  • KVD Studded Kiss Matte Lipstick – This is probably my least favourite lipstick formula I have tried. This is sooooooo drying that it makes it so uncomfortable to wear and even apply. Because of this, you are really aware of it on your lips and it feels really thick to wear. One plus side of this is that it does last a long time because of how matte the formula is, so it might work for you if you want that. I just feel like if I wanted something that matte and long-lasting I would just opt for a liquid lipstick since I prefer the application. I have also made the decision to no longer support Kat Von D’s brand due to the recent news about her being anti-vax. I’m unsure if I will destash this soon since I never reach for it or try to get some use on it since I did receive this as a gift.

So there was a little run down of products that I haven’t really gotten on with. I hope you guys found it interesting!! There wasn’t much to talk about because I have either used up or destashed products I haven’t liked in the past and just moved on. But, I thought this post would be fun because I do like to know about the products people dislike as much as their favourites.