Becca highlighters are known to be holy grail items for a lot of people. I have wanted one ever since they collaborated with Jaclyn Hill with Champagne Pop. I knew that Jaclyn’s shade wouldn’t quite work for my skin tone so I did some research into the other shades that Becca has to offer. At the time, Moonstone was the only shade that caught my attention. Since then, Becca created another shade that is great for fair skin, Vanilla Quartz. This shade started off as limited edition, but they have recently made it permanent in their regular black packaging. I recently took the plunge and got a Becca highlighter when I saw it on offer on QVC. I knew I had to review it because it has been on my wish list for years!

Vanilla Quartz is described as a pale, white gold with slight peachy undertones which I would totally agree with. You see the peach when it catches the light which adds an extra something to an already flattering shade (sorry I wasn’t able to capture the reflect in my swatch picture). I am kinda scared of true gold highlighters since I don’t think they suit my skin tone, but since Vanilla Quartz is a pale shade with the peach reflect it really works for me.

Becca Vanilla Quartz Swatch

The formula is soft and doesn’t take much to blend into the skin which gives a naturally glowy look rather than it appearing to sit on top of my makeup. You can either apply one sheer layer for a natural glow, or build it up to achieve that blinding look that Becca highlighters are known for. This formula also lasts really well on my skin, even without setting spray, which is another amazing bonus.

becca packaging

I really love the packaging too. This is in the limited edition packaging so the case is metallic and reflective as opposed to soft touch black. I think the permanent version of Vanilla Quartz is in their traditional packaging. I also love the imprint on the actual powder since it reminds me of shards of quartz. I think the packaging and powder design makes this highlighter even more special to me. I feel so excited whenever I see this highlighter in my collection because Becca highlighters are so iconic and the packaging is so well-known.

becca pic1

Even though I got this on special offer on QVC and it was less than it would have been full price, now that I have tried Becca’s formula I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up another one despite the higher price tag. I still have my eye on Moonstone, but I’m gonna get some more use out of some of my other highlighters before I think about purchasing that one. I always think that highlighters are worth the splurge because they last for ages and you only need a small amount every time you use it.

If you are fair-light in skin tone and want to a Becca highlighter, I definitely recommend Vanilla Quartz! They even have it in a mini size (along with a lot of their more popular shades) which means you can try the formula and shade for less. I haven’t been able to stop using this, I can see it becoming an all time fave.I love that Becca has so many shades for all skin tones so that everyone can experience their amazing formula.Β I can definitely see why this highlighter range is so hyped about.