As someone with fair skin, my relationship with bronzer has been kinda complicated. When I was first getting into makeup, I felt that all the options were really orange or too dark for my skin tone. I have tried different ones over the years and I feel like every bronzer I try, I get one step closer to finding my all time favourite. Today I wanted to talk to you guys my go-to bronzers that I have been loving lately.

Bareminerals’ Invisible Bronze in Fair/Light – This is a recent addition to my collection but I am really liking this. I have been on to the hunt for the perfect shimmery bronzer for me and when I heard Arna Alayne on YouTube talking about this and recommended it for fair skin I knew I wanted to try this out. This has a neutral tone and is quite sheer in formula. I would say that the shimmer gives more of glow since there isn’t chunky glitters in this at all. This means it looks really natural and the formula is buildable, you can’t really go overboard with it. I think that you’re left with a healthy glow due to the subtle shimmer. The formula itself it really soft which I think helps the blend-ability of the powder itself. This bronzer range has a few different shade options, so if you are in the market for a shimmery bronzer I definitely recommend these. I think this has sold me on shimmery bronzers!


The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 01 – I have mentioned this a few times on my blog and after rediscovering this bronzer at the start of the year I have really come to like this and find myself repeatedly reaching for it. Even though the shade is quite fair, you can build this up to get a bronzed affect. Even though this is matte, I think I still get the same sort of look than the Bareminerals option, just with less glow. I’m not sure if I would contour with this since the shade leans slightly pink (I prefer something more nuetral for my contour). This means it is a great option for fair skin with cool/nuetral undertones. The formula is really soft and has just the right level of pigment. The only thing that I don’t like is the packaging, mine has broken which is a bit annoying and I’ve seen online that this has happened to a lot of others. But it is £11 so I guess I can’t really complain, especially for 11 grams of product. This bronzer range also offers a few shade ranges, so definitely worth checking out.


bronzer swatch
Bronzers swatched quite heavily (sorry about the lighting change) – Bareminerals Invisible Bronze (left), TBS Bronzer (right)

So there were my thoughts on two bronzer options for fair skin and why I have been reaching for them so often. I know for sure that the Bareminerals Invisible Bronze will become a cult fave for me, one of the best bronzers I have tried for sure. The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze offers a matte option that is buildable that looks great on fair skin and was one of the first bronzers I found that worked for so it has served me well, I just don’t know if I would repurchase right away. I might want to explore other matte options. If you have any fair-skin friendly bronzers, I would love to know them and add them to my ever-growing wishlist!