So, it’s no secret that highlighter is a love of mine. It is easily my favourite makeup item. Because of this, I thought I would do a mix of single reviews of my favourite highlighters, as well as a few posts rounding up my stand-outs in my collections with different formulas and finishes. To kick things off, I thought I would focus on one of my more unique highlighting products in my collection, and that’s Stila’s Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in the shade Kitten.

I heard about this product about a year ago when I saw Sam from Pixiwoo talk about it. It looked really beautiful on her skin and gave her a natural, yet luminous glow, which intrigued me. She talked about the formula and it seemed unique to my collection in shade and formula so I waited until it was on sale on Beauty Bay to snap it up. I only recently purchased this (hence why the product looks barely used) but it has already become a firm favourite for me.


The formula is described by Stila as ‘bouncy-to-the-touch’ which I would totally agree with. It is like nothing I have come across before because it is like a bouncy powder-cream-gel hybrid. Because of that, I like to apply this with my fingers or a sponge because I find this applys the most amount of product and gives the finish I want. Because of the creamy-powder formula I find that it doesn’t last amazingly well, but as it fades you are left with a glow that looks quite natural. But the formula being so smooth means that it blends into the skin so easily, so there are pros and cons to this formula. I like wearing it on natural/no makeup-makeup looks because of how it fades in the most flattering way and gives a natural radiance. I also like wearing this with no other makeup, if I just want my skin to have a little bit of sheen.


The shade is one of the reasons I love this so much. Kitten is one of Stila’s cult shades, they have it as an option in a lot of different products. It is a nude pink shade that looks really natural because a lot of the base is more of a nude tone. It means that the pink is more noticeable in this highlighter when it catches the light, which I really like. It just gives the effect that you are naturally glowy, which gets a huge yes from me.

I would recommend this if you’re into natural highlighters, if you prefer a super intense glow I don’t think this would be for you. It gives a natural-radiant finish that is flattering and great for more minimal makeup looks, despite it not being the longest lasting product ever. I can look past that because I love the shade so much and bouncy powder forumla is unique to my collection and so fun to use!