Hey guys!

I am so so excited for today’s review post since it is all about two new products from Charlotte Tilbury. I have only tried a few things from her brand, but everything has blown me away and feels like such a luxury whenever I use the products, which keeps me from wanting to buy more. Today I am gonna be giving you a full review of her brand new Hollywood Flawless Filter and her Hollywood Beauty Light Wand liquid highlighter.


It is probably obvious by now that I LOVE highlighter. I love everything from that lit from within glow, to the blinding  highlight that can be seen from space, so when Charlotte brought out these two products I was super intrigued and knew that I had to try them out.

I’ll start with the Hollywood Flawless Filter since that was most recently released. This is described as a 4 in 1 product, which is what drew me to it because I knew I’d get use out of it since it is multi-use. You can use is alone as a light coverage, yet glowy base, mixed with your foundation, on the high points of your face as a liquid highlighter or as a glowy primer. I have tried it all four ways and love the effect that I get. If I had to choose which application I prefer, I would say that as a primer or mixed with foundation are probably my faves since it adds an amazing glow whilst having the coverage of the foundation I am using. In the summer I know I’m gonna love wearing this as a base with a bit of concealer and powder since this product gives a slight coverage that just evens everything out with the added glow which is the look I gravitate towards in the warmer months. I picked the shade 1 (Fair) because I’m typically the lightest shade and it works amazingly for my skin tone. I was worried about this being glittery but that isn’t an issue with this at all. The sheen is really subtle and once you blend it out, you’re left with a beautiful soft-focus glow that does look like a filter.


One thing I love about the Flawless Filter is the packaging, it is sooooo luxurious with the rose gold lid and glass bottle. It looks so beautiful just sitting on top of my makeup storage and makes me feel really grown up for some reason! The applicator is a huge doe foot which is useful for applying the product but the problem I have found is that it doesn’t deposit that much product so I do have to keep going back into the product. But it might be a good way to control how much you apply so you don’t go overboard and look too glowy (not that I believe that’s a thing).

Top swatch – Flawless Filter Blended Out, Bottom swatch – Flawless Filter Swatched

Now onto the Beauty Light Wand, and you’re probably wondering why I picked that up as well if the Flawless Filter can be used as liquid highlighter too. I don’t think I can justify it, I am just obsessed with highlighter and have wanted the Light Wand since it came out. What pushed me over the edge was the fact that both Karima McKimmie and Mariah Leonard both mentioned this product in their wet look/glossy highlighter videos on YouTube. I have really been getting into glossy highlighters recently and I knew I’d love this so I just went for it!

IMG_7074 (2)

So the Beauty Light Wand is a liquid highlighter that come in a squeezy tube that you apply with a sponge applicator. I like that it is in a tube so you could travel with this quite easily. I know this applicator has divided a lot of people but I really like it. There is a twist to open and close the applicator which means it wont spill all over your makeup bag which is an amazing addition since that would be an expensive mess if the product exploded! When you squeeze even the littlest amount of product out you are left with a lot left in the sponge, which means you get a lot of use out of a little bit of product and what is left in the sponge goes across multiple applications. So the product does go quite far which (maybe) justifies the price…!

Comparison swatches – Light Wand on top, Flawless Filter on the bottom


The formula itself is really reflective and catches the light so amazingly and it is a rose gold shade which I think would be flattering on a lot of skin tones. Even though it is really highlighter-y, it still looks natural because it is a liquid and it does give that amazing wet look to the cheeks. It dries down pretty quickly despite it being liquid, so I don’t think you’d need to set this. I have worn this on top and underneath my foundation, depending on how glowy I want to be that day, and have loved the look of both ways. When paired with the Flawless Filter in my makeup routine, my base becomes the so glowy because of the combination of the two. I love the healthy, radiant look that I achieve when I use both of these products, which seems to be Charlotte’s vibe.

Overall, I LOVE both of these and can’t stop using them. I try not to use them every single day because they were expensive and I don’t want to use them up too quickly. I think the quality of Charlotte Tilbury’s products is incredible and so worth the price. I didn’t have anything like the Flawless Filter in my collection so I think that it has filled a hole in my collection for all my glowy base needs since there are so many ways to use it! If you are after a glowing complexion I definitely recommend checking these two out. I probably didn’t need both since they are very similar in tone, but being a highlighter junkie, I know I will use them both so it isn’t a waste IMO! The Flawless Filter is more versatile since there are multiple ways to use it, but the Light Wand is so reflective and glossy looking that I can’t pick a favourite!