As much as I love high end products, I think the drugstore has come a long way offering quality products for a low cost. Even better when the products are £5 and under. I thought today I would give a shout out to 5 products in my collection that are £5 or less and are amazing!

  • Spectrum B06 Eyeshadow Brush (£4.99) – This is my all time favourite blending brush, I don’t do my eye makeup with out it. It diffuses eyeshadow so seamlessly with minimal effort. I use it to blend out my transition shade initially and any other crease work that I do. Not only are they cruelty-free and vegan registered brushes, they are also super soft, amazing quality and lookSO cute in the process. Definitely worth checking out their brushes if you’re in the market for some amazing, yet affordable brushes.
  • Makeup Revolution Amazing Setting Spray (£5) – I recently reviewed this product and did a comparison to the cult fave All Nighter (link here). Whilst it doesn’t keep my makeup in place as well as UD’s All Nighter, it is still an amazing option at the drugstore and worth checking out if you are after a cheaper setting spray that won’t break the bank if you use it everyday. I tend to use this for everyday wear when I want to slightly set my makeup but don’t mind if it breaks down a little bit and it works great for that purpose.


  • Makeup Revolution Peach Lights Highlighter (£3) – This is the cheapest highlighter I own, but it is easily one of my favourites. This is a light pink highlighter with a warm-peachy reflect that looks amazing on fair skin. It gives a blinding finish and is very buildable. It is a bit powdery, but nothing tapping off the excess can’t fix and with a bit of blending with a dense brush it really melts into the skin. I know they offer a few shades in this range so if Peach Lights isn’t to your taste you can hopefully find something that suits you better so you can glow on a budget.
  • Collection Lasting Perfect Concealer (£3.99) – This is definitely a drugstore classic that so many have tried and there’s good reason for that. I always find myself coming back to this concealer, I have been using it for years which I think is a testament to how good it is. It offers amazing coverage for my dark under eyes and redness and lasts so well throughout the day. The shade fair is good for my skin tone (although I have seen they’re releasing an even paler shade which I would love to try as well). I won’t go on about this concealer because I’m sure you’ve either tried it or heard enough about it. But it is definitely a concealer I always seem to have in my collection because it is so full-proof, which is why it has made this list.


  • Rimmel Santa Rose (£3.99) – I mentioned this is my Recent Rediscoveries blog post and I haven’t been able to get over how good this product is. The formula is really creamy and sits so nicely on the cheeks, giving a nude peachy glow that lasts all day. The sheen in this blush is really subtle and not chunky which makes it an amazing product for the price point (some drugstore blushes are too glittery for my taste). There are also a few shades in this range so there should be something in there for everyone.

So there were a few super budget friendly options at the drugstore that are actually amazing considering the price. It was hard for me to pick out favourites, I would love to do a part 2 and recommend even more products soon. What are your favourite products that are low-cost? I’d love to know since I am always on the look out for a bargain!