This is my first dupe post and I am super excited. I am gonna be talking to you guys about the Makeup Revolution Amazing Setting Spray and letting you know whether it is a dupe for the world-famous and highly coveted Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray.

I have only been using setting spray for nearly two years, I purchased the travel size of the UD All Nighter for my wedding day because I wanted my makeup to stay put, but couldn’t really justify spending money on the full size at the time. Since then I have become obsessed with setting spray and rely it on it during long days, special events or when the temperature is super hot. The All Nighter is one of those products that I knew would be a holy grail for me, I don’t think I could be without this now because it makes such a difference to my makeup routine and am always reminded why I love it when I use it. But anyway, I ran out of my travel size a while back and wanted to see if there were any cheaper alternatives to this life changing product because I couldn’t afford it at the time (Shout out to my family members for the birthday vouchers last year so I could repurchase the All Nighter though!). I did a lot of research online and came across the Makeup Revolution version. Since MUR are known for duping higher end products I thought that this product is likely to be their version of the All Nighter, so I decided to give it a go.

I did look into the claims of the MUR setting spray,  for comparison reasons, and it only says that it keeps your makeup in place for 8 hours, which is only half the time of the All Nighter. But I feel like this is marketed/presented as a dupe for higher-end setting sprays out there. So that’s why I wanted to compare how these performed and see if there was a drugstore alternative to one of my all time fave products!

For only £5 I didn’t have high expectations, but often being surprised by MUR’s quality I knew that this could be an “amazing” find, see what I did there…?! 😆😏 Anywayyyy, so I went ahead and tried it and of course didn’t feel much of a difference when first applied. I think the MUR has a stronger spray so it feels a lot more wet than the UD one, but I don’t mind too much, it just means it takes a little bit longer to dry. But overall, the mist is totally fine. It is definitely a lot better than other drugstore sprays I have tried in the past. The MUR does have a slight scent, it reminds me of marzipan which I kinda love! The scent doesn’t linger though, which is great news! The UD spray also has a scent but I can’t really put my finger on what it smells like. Both of the scents in each spray haven’t broken me out, which is fab when you have sensitive skin.

Now onto the performance of the MUR setting spray, I will start off by saying I am super impressed by this! I felt that there was a noticeable difference in what makeup is left on my face at the end of the day (I tend to use more dewy, light/medium coverage bases on a daily basis). When I use it I would say I start getting oily and my makeup breaks down at about the 6/7 hour mark in the places where my skin typically gets oily. It also diminishes the powdery look to my face whenever I have gone a bit OTT with the powder, which is another great bonus to this! I like that this isn’t totally mattifying, it just sets my makeup and helps to stop it breaking down as quickly as it normally would.


But with that being said, I do prefer my UD All Nighter as a setting spray, I feel like my makeup doesn’t move whenever I use this, I look basically the same as I did when I first applied my makeup and it really does the best job at banishing the oils that I get after wearing my makeup for a certain amount of time. I feel like the All Nighter really lives up to the “up to 16 hours of wear”, I am always impressed by how good my makeup looks at the end of a long day or special occasion.

But the MUR one is a close second for me, for the price I think that the drugstore alternative does a good job. I think I will save my All Nighter for special occasions, super long days when I don’t want to worry about my makeup moving around or having to touch up. I think my Makeup Revolution setting spray will be my daily go-to because it really works well and isn’t as expensive to replace if I am using it daily.

I would totally recommend checking the Makeup Revolution Amazing Setting Spray if you are in the market for a new setting spray or just fancy a total bargain! I wouldn’t say it was a total dupe because the All Nighter is hard to beat in terms of performance, but it’s drugstore alternative comes pretty close in my opinion and you’re saving so much money by going for the MUR setting spray. I can’t get over how good the MUR option is considering the cost, I feel like I have found a drugstore holy grail that I will continue to repurchase!

I have never done a dupe post before, so I hope this was okay! Let me know if you have any more questions about either products or how they compare 🙂