I hadn’t heard much about NABLA Cosmetics before seeing both Jkissa talk about the brand on YouTube and Lynn from Peculiar Blonde Girl  featuring numerous products from the brand on her blog. They both mentioned the Dreamy palette and it made me instantly intrigued (I have to say that Lynn’s review is what swayed me to purchase this, I definitely recommend checking her blog out!). The shades looked really interesting and unique to my collection, and I had heard amazing things about NABLA’s eyeshadow formula so I decided to take the plunge. I did have to wait for the restock, but Beauty Bay came through for me once again and with the extra student discount, the Dreamy Palette was mine.

The outer sleeve of the Dreamy Palette

I want to start off by talking about the packaging, it is sooooo beaut. I love the look of the metallic stars and constellations on the front, it looks amazing as it catches the light. NABLA really put a lot of effort and thought into the detail of the packaging and I really appreciate that. I can’t stop looking at it! The packaging itself is made out of cardboard, but it really good quality and feels sturdy so you could easily travel with this with no worries of breakages. The mirror inside is good quality, a great size and is heavy as well. Despite the heaviness of the mirror, the magnetic closure doesn’t slam down as you close it which makes me feel like they were thoughtful of every element of this palette and that it is really well made. Back to the travel-friendliness of this palette, it the perfect size to pop into your makeup bag and it fits in the palm of my hand easily.

Packaging of the palette itself, covered in silver, bronze and gold stars and consellations

Let’s move onto the shadows themselves. The Dreamy palette contains 12 shadows that are about 1g each. There are 3 different finishes, Super Matte (Illusion, Sistina, Lullaby, Senorita and Dogma), Fluid Metal (Immaculate, Vanitas, Byzantine, Metal Cupid, Inception and Rose Gold) and Pearl (Delirium). I think the ratio of different finishes in the palette is perfect, there are so many different looks you could get with this one palette. The Super Matte finish is super creamy and soft and blends out beautifully whilst still being buildable. The pigmentation of the Fluid Metal finish is insane, the texture is smooth and they are so foiled that you just need to dip your finger into them once to get full pay-off (I usually use my finger to apply shimmer or sometimes a flat eye brush). They remind me of the Makeup Geek foiled shadows in quality, how they apply and the finished effect. And, finally the Pearl finish which acts kind of like a pressed glitter. Delirium was the only shade that gave me fall-out but with a wet brush and the right primer (Lynn recommended using something like a glitter glue which is now on my shopping list) it won’t be that much of an issue anymore. There is only one Pearl finish in this palette so the issues with fall-out aren’t a huge deal to me.

Inside the Dreamy Palette

All the finishes have amazing pigmentation and blend out amazingly well. When using any shade in this palette, a lot of the hard work of blending is done for you because the quality of each shade is incredible. Each shade works together to create an amazing eye look every time.

Now onto the reason I wanted this palette in the first place, the shades themselves! I love that there is a bit of everything in this palette; pinks, purples, bronzey-golds, neutrals, as well as warm and cool tones. You’ve got everything you need to achieve so many different styles of makeup looks, from everyday natural, to the bold and colourful eye looks, and everything in between as well. I really want this palette to push me out of my neutral, warm toned comfort zone. This palette makes it so easy to add a little pop of colour to make that everyday look a bit more interesting, or to experiment with the colour scheme in this palette and create something more fun and brave. I like that the shades that aren’t as neutral are still wearable and not too out there that I won’t use them often. A few stand out shades for me are; Vanitas, Sistina, Metal Cupid and Inception.

nabla swatches

Even though I know I can use this palette countless ways to create so many different eye looks, I love that I could pair this with any other palette to give me even more options. I think the shades in this palette make it perfect to use alone, but having the option to use it in conjunction with other palettes makes the Dreamy palette all the more worth having in my opinion.

So there were my thoughts on the NABLA Dreamy palette. I think this palette is the perfect addition to any eyeshadow lover’s collection and I definitely think you’d get a lot of use out of it, even if you are typically a neutral eye shadow lover like me.

One thing I didn’t get to mention earlier that I think is useful is that NABLA is completely cruelty free and the majority of their products are vegan too. They are an indie brand from Italy and their products seem so well priced for the quality that they are. I would love to try more from this brand in the future. Their Shade and Glow Highlighters, Blossom Blushes and their Single Shadows are some products I would love to try once they come to Beauty Bay.

Lizzy 🙂