I haven’t had much luck with highlighter palettes in the past (I had the NYX Strobe of Genius palette and one by Makeup Revolution in the past, but ended up destashing them because I wasn’t getting enough use out of all of the shades for me to justify keeping them) and usually just stick to single pans of highlighter because I know I will definitely get the use out of it. There is always at least one shade that I won’t use or won’t suit my skin tone which makes palettes not worth purchasing for me. That was until I discovered Smashbox and Casey Holmes collaboration on the Spotlight palette.

I had a Boots voucher waiting to be spent and I was just having a look around one day this caught my eye. I had seen a lot of positive reviews online of this palette and I am subscribed to Casey so I thought I would give it a swatch and see what I thought of it. I went for the palette in ‘Pearl’ which is suitable for light -medium skin tones (there is also one in ‘Gold’ which is suited for medium-dark skin tones) and instantly fell in love.IMG_6381

Two of the shades (Turn it on Pearl and Crank it Up Pearl) give a subtle, lit from within kinda glow which looks amazing for everyday. Those two shades don’t contain glitter, which is what give the softer look. I either wear them alone or mixed together to create my desired look. The final shade, Blow a Fuse Pearl, is the most intense shade out of the palette, has a bit of added sparkle to take your highlight to the next level. I’ll either use this one all over when I’m out in the evening (which isn’t very often to be honest!) or I just hit the tops of my cheekbones with it to make my highlight more blinding. I like there is a mix of finishes in this palette, it makes it really versatile and it means that I can get use out of every shade in the palette. Because there are only three shades in this palette and you can get different variations depending on your skin tone, it means that every shade gets used and there is no wasted product.

The formula is amazing, Casey made sure the formula didn’t emphasis skin texture, which can be a problem with some highlighters, which makes this palette a great option for everyone. They are so soft which means they melt into the skin and blend in seamlessly. It really looks like you are naturally glowy, which is always a yes from me!

Swatches L-R: Turn it on Pearl, Crank it Up Pearl, Blow a Fuse Pearl

The packaging is very travel friendly and sturdy so you don’t have to worry about the powders breaking, which can be a problem if powders are formulated to be soft and creamy. The mirror is really good too, another reason why it is great for travel. I will definitely be bringing this on every trip I go on because of the shade selection, levels of highlight-ness (?) and because the packaging is slim and convenient. But I will be reaching for this all the time because I love everything about this palette.

This is probably the best highlight palette I have tried because of how user friendly it is, and the fact that I will get use out of all the shades. There is enough variety, but not too much that some shades don’t get used if they don’t work for you.

I definitely recommend picking this up, I love it and use it way more than I thought I would and haven’t be able to put it down all month. I hope to try more of Smashbox in the future, they seem like a good quality, mid-range, cruelty free brand.

Lizzy πŸ™‚