Hey guys!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year if you were celebrating, and if not just that you had a great holiday! I have been working on my deadlines for mid-January which is why I haven’t posted in a while, sorry about that! All my work is all submitted now and I’m ready to get back into blogging after my study break. I know we are a fair bit into January 2018 now but I wanted to post this all the same, so I thought I would kick off 2018 with my first ever Project Pan.

As much as I love getting new makeup and getting excited about new releases, I love the feeling of using up a product or hitting pan. I think it’s so satisfying knowing you are getting a lot of use out of a product and loving it. I haven’t hit pan on a whole lot of products (other than base products which I finish easily) but using up some of the older things in my collection has been on my mind for a while. That brings me onto to my 2018 Project Pan. For those of you who don’t know what a project pan is, it’s when you select products from your collection and you dedicate yourself to using them up or hitting pan. The project can last any amount of time and can include as many products are you want.

I have wanted to do a project pan for a while, but I wanted to wait till start of this year because it seemed more official in my head! I have picked some of the oldest products in my collection that I have neglected or items been saving for special occasions that rarely happen. My eventual goals are to use these products up so I can make way for new products in my collection when I have gaps. My project pan will last one year in total and these are the products I’ve selected…

  • Too Faced Hangover Primer – I love this primer so much, but for some reason I often save it for special occasions since it is quite expensive and I got it as a gift from my parents. This won’t be hard for me to finish since I love it so much and only have about half left, but this product is just about shifting my mindset from saving things to actually using them regularly because I love them and want to use them before they go bad.
  • bareminerals Original Foundation – I am on the fence about this product, on the one hand I like it because its pretty quick and easy to apply, but the powder formula can make my skin look really dry and gross. The coverage is okay, but I prefer the finish and application of liquid foundation more so I kinda just want this out of my collection to be honest and my goal is to finish this. I have about half left, so I’m hoping it won’t take too long to finish up.
  • NYX Taupe blush – This was my first ever contour product and I purchased it eBay just before NYX came to the UK. Whilst it is a pretty good product and great shade for fair skin, I have since tried other contour products that I prefer and work better for me. I’m not sure if I could finish this but I’d love to reach a sizeable pan by the end of the project and since its 4 grams I think that is pretty doable.
  • Natural Collection Peach Melba blush – This is another product I have had for a while but only reach for on lighter makeup days since it is so subtle. I already have a bit of a dip in this blush and it is quite small, so I am hoping to make a sizeable pan in this by the end of project. I have never hit pan on a blush so I think that would be really exciting!
  • Tanya Burr Cosmetics Brow Palette – As you can see, I have already hit pan on the two shades that I use in this palette. I have kinda neglected this brow powder since I find pencil just an easier and quicker option for me. My goal is to finish up these shades and possibly hit pan on the highlighter shade then I can get rid of it.
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Reserve your Cabana highlight – I love this highlighter for a soft, subtle highlight shade or all over for a glowy finish. I do use this quite regularly and have made a dip in this from how much I have used it. Because of how much I like this product I would just like to hit pan on it, I think that would be a fun accomplishment since it is so large and there’s 13 grams of product.
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics  – My parents got this for me for Christmas, a few years ago and whilst I love the shades and formula of this palette, I always seem to reserve it for traveling since it is so compact. I don’t travel all that much so I don’t use this often enough in my opinion. I would love to hit pan on the shades; Foxy, Walk of Shame (WOS) and Naked 2.
  • Revlon Honey Lipstick – I have had this for quite a while and really just want to get it out of my collection to make way for other products. It is a great option for everyday and is great to bring along with you and apply throughout the day so I think I could finish this by the end of year. I have used a fair bit of this, but I am kinda fed up with it and know that it’s nearing its expiration date so I just want this done.

So these are all the products in my 2018 Project Pan. I know I haven’t selected that many products but I wanted to be realistic with myself. I think I am gonna do an update every 6 months since I only post once a week and monthly updates might get a bit repetitive. I will keep a note of my progress (when I hit pan or finish a product) and maybe take photos every month so you guys can see my gradual progress in the 6 month updates. I hope this was kinda interesting. I look forward to starting this project and documenting and sharing my progress with you guys!

Lizzy 🙂