As it is officially December, I thought I would share some products that I think that any beauty lover in your life would love to receive. I know some people can find it daunting purchasing beauty products since they are often personal purchases and there is a risk that the recipient already owns the product or it might work for them. This caused me to come up with a list of products that are risk-free but amazing options for people who love all things beauty. So if you are if you are looking for gift ideas, or just ideas for treating yourself, just keep reading!

  • Lush Christmas Items – Who doesn’t love bathing/showering with Lush products?! I think bath/shower products are pretty fail safe because there is so much choice within their Christmas range. There is something extra special about Lush’s limited edition ranges, they are so well designed and smell amazing! As someone who loves receiving and buying Lush products all year round, I actually love having dupilicates of products or multiple products because it means more baths! With so many products and fragrances on offer, you can really tailor the gift to the person.
  • Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops set – Every beauty lover has probably heard of these and probably had their eye on purchasing them too. Any person who is obsessed with highlighter (I mean, who isn’t?!) would love this. This set is a great option because you get the opportunity to try a few shades and the formula before committing to the full size (full size they cost the same as this set). Even if the person already owns a full size version of these, they now have a handy travel size and more shades to try out. Plus, they are so cute and small! 😍
  • Stila Written in the Stars Glitter and Glow Eyeshadow set – These are another product that got a lot of attention on social media and are likely to be on any makeup lover’s wish list. Christmas is the perfect time to get these because they are glittery liquid eyeshadows and its the time of year where you can go all out on the glitter and sparkle. I feel like these are a better option than getting one full size because you are more likely to use up a smaller size than a full size so there is no wasted product when it expires. Also, you get 3 shades for just a little bit more money which gives more variety for different makeup looks.
  • Oliver Bonas Makeup Bag –Β  I think this makeup bag from Oliver Bonas (or any that they sell for that matter) are a really nice option if you are looking for a gift. It seems like the perfect gift because you wouldn’t really spend that much on a makeup bag for yourself and it turns an object that could be seen as a boring necessity into something special. Oliver Bonas has so many design options that you can tailor the bag to the person and make it more personal.
  • Kat Von D ‘Everlasting’ mini Liquid Lipstick Set – This is another idea where variety makes it a good option. KVD is known for her liquid lipsticks and this would be a great way to test out loads of shades and the formula to know whether to commit to the full size and which shades work for you. Since the shades are all neutral, it means that they are very usable and universal. I think the variety of shades that comes in this set is amazing, there is something for any look and any mood. Because it is so rare for someone to EVER finish a liquid lipstick, the travel size is perfect for getting the full use out of the product as well. And, they are great for traveling with. This could also be a good option to buy and then separate the shades to give to multiple people because they work out to be about Β£5 per liquid lipstick.
  • Beauty Blender – This is probably the most fail-safe option because you can never have too many beauty sponges. Since the lifespan is so low compared to brushes, it means they are expensive to replace regularly. So if you get this as a gift for someone they are guaranteed to use it and be very appreciative of receiving it too!

So there were a few ideas of what to get for someone who loves beauty products this Christmas, I hope my picks were helpful (hint, hint to Dom if you’re reading this πŸ˜πŸ˜‡πŸ™ˆ) I think there are so many gift sets on offer this year which means you have lots of choice and can find something you know the gift receiver will love.