I was recently-ish (a few months ago now) won a giveaway with Feel Unique and won the new Urban Decay Shapeshifter Palette (I had to share because I am still super excited about it!) I am so thankful for winning and was so excited to receive it in the post. I enter soooo many giveaways it was amazing to actually win something after all this time, it is always worth entering because you never know! Anyway, I have been trying it out for a while now and wanted to give you guys an in-depth review.

So, this palette is a contouring/colour correcting/highlighting kit and comes with both powders and creams all in one palette. The products are housed in a pretty small palette which would be great for travelling with, not only because of the packaging, but because of the amount of variation you get in one palette. There is a mirror in the centre that separates both the cream and powders from each other, meaning that neither side gets messy, which is a genius idea! The mirror is double-sided as well, meaning that no matter what side you are using, you have access to a mirror, which is really handy. It also has a magnetic closure which makes it feel more secure. The packaging is so pretty as well, I really like the design and it is really sturdy as well which means the pans and mirror inside are well protected. It is quite heavy which means it can weigh your makeup bag down if you are travelling, but I would rather have solid packaging than take the risk of breakage!


The powder side contains a bronzer, a contour, a setting/brightening powder and a highlighter. As you can see from the photos that it looks like I’ve barely touched them, that’s because these powders are so pigmented that even barely dipping your brush in gives you amazing pay-off! These powders would probably last you forever, which makes the price a bit more justified. The bronzer is a bit too dark for me, but if I use it sparingly and really blend it out it works. I really like the contour shade, it is the perfect tone for contouring in my opinion. It’s not too warm or too cool (I know contour shades should be more on the cool side but I get worried that it can look weird sometimes). The setting powder does the job but can emphasise my dry patches sometimes, I tend to just use it under my eyes. The highlighter is my favourite thing about this whole palette. It is soooo reflective and glowy but not glittery at all, it’s so perfect! The bronzer, contour and setting powder are very soft and creamy which makes them blend out beautifully. The highlight powder is slightly drier, but it lasts really well and looks beautiful on so I don’t mind that too much.

Now onto the cream side. I was worried about this side this side of the palette being a bit redundant because I prefer powder products, but I was surprised by how much I liked these products. You get a cream contour and highlight shade, two colour correcting shades (a peach and pink) and a cream highlighter (shimmery). I haven’t used this side as much as the powder side since I haven’t quite got the grips of cream contouring. But despite that, I think that formula of the creams is really user-friendly I did like how they have looked every time I have used it.  The formula of all the creams is very thin but still pigmented (but not too pigmented that its scary to use), which I like because I don’t like putting thick cream products on my face since I have dry skin. Like the powders, you don’t need very much product to create the look you are after, which is another win. They are very blendable and don’t disrupt makeup underneath it. I either blend these out with my Real Techniques Sponge or my Contour Brush from Real Techniques and both work really well. Every time I have used the cream contouring side I have been impressed by how long they have lasted and how natural they look. I haven’t used the colour correctors as much as the cream contour and highlighters because I am kinda lazy at times, but it is nice to have the option there if I want it. I like having the option of using either the powder or cream side alone or using both to give a more sculpted effect. A good thing about it all being in one palette is that you know that the shades and products you are using compliment each other because they are designed to do so.

I think the Shapeshifter palette is a great palette option if you are into contouring (or want to get into it) because you get everything you could ever need for cream and powder contouring in one convenient palette. I think it’s definitely worth getting if you are looking for a contour and highlight palette but you’re worried about not getting use out of the all the shades. Because this offers a bronzer, highlighters (both for brightening and for getting the glow) and colour correctors along with the traditional contour and highlighting products (all of which come with different formula options as well), I think you are more likely to get use out of the whole palette and get your money’s worth. It’s the perfect palette to experiment with if you are a bit of a contouring and highlighting noob because the formula’s of the creams and powders are blendable, buildable, natural looking with the perfect amount of pigment too them that you can’t got OTT right off the bat. It is quite expensive but for the quality of the products, the packaging, variation of products and how little product you need to get your desired look I think it is definitely worth it.

So there were my (very rambly and in-depth) thoughts about the Urban Decay Shapeshifter palette. Have you tried this product out? How do you like using it? I’d love to know so I can try out new ways to use it!