Autumn is my favourite time of year because it’s an excuse to stay in and get cosy. Once the seasons change I take any excuse to make cosy nights a regular thing, I take it very seriously! I don’t always do all these things every time I have a cosy evening since I have them quite a lot. But I often pick and choose from the list, or will do everything I’ve mentioned to make it extra special. Anyway, I thought I would share with you guys everything I do and need for a cosy night in.

  • Make some treats – I love baking during any season, but there is something quite special about Autumnal baking. I don’t bake all the time, only if I am in the mood to or I want to make the evening extra special. Dom and I decided to make some treats together this year and wanted to make them Autumn-themed. We chose to bake Pumpkin Spice Cookies and Chocolate Honeycomb. I feel like our sweet treats are the perfect accompaniment to our cosy evenings.
Our Pumpkin Spice Cookies!
  • Drink all the hot chocolate – Since I’m not really a tea or coffee person, hot chocolate is always my hot drink of choice during the colder months. I love adding spices like cinnamon and ginger to make them extra Autumnal, or topping it off with loads of cream and marshmallows!  I always drink my hot chocolates in my hedgehog mug (from Asda last year) because I think it feels extra seasonal that way.
  • Light all the candles – Candles are one of my favourite things about getting cosy. The lighting adds such a warmth and chilled vibe that makes you feel at ease. I love burning seasonal candles, this Autumn I have been loving Blackberry Bay from ALDI (it’s £3.99 and an apparent dupe for the Jo Malone candle) and Pumpkin from Makers of Wax Goods (purchased from Homesense).


  • My favourite cosy TV shows and films
    • Gilmore Girls – I think we all knew this would be top of the list! This show is the epitome of cosy and is so bingeable. The characters are so warm and the setting seems to be in perpetual Autumn so it’s an obvious choice!
    • Hocus Pocus – Another obvious choice since it is set on Halloween, but it really is the perfect cosy film since it so feel good and nostalgic. Hocus Pocus is a must watch (multiple times) for me every year.
    • The Nightmare Before Christmas – I know this is technically a Christmas film but there are Autumn/Halloween vibes which makes it a cosy watch for this time of year and into the Christmas season too!
    • Stranger Things – I can’t be the only one who is SOOOO excited that this has come back?! This is easily my favourite Netflix Original Series, I love everything about it! It is so bingeable because of the amazing storyline, characters and acting which makes it perfect for a night in.


  • Cuddle up in a throw – Blankets are just an obvious staple for a cosy night in. I especially love this tartan one (featured in the pictures) because it gives me major Autumn vibes and is huge which makes things even more cosy.

So there was a little roundup of what I do when I have a cosy night in. How do you make your evenings cosy? I’d love to know 🙂