I did quite a lot of reading over the summer and whilst some books were better than others, I HAD to share a review of this book with you guys because it has been a standout of books I have read recently.

Disclaimer is thriller novel by Renee Knight (which is one of my favourite genres) that follows Catherine who is sent a book anonymously that turns out to be about her life and her darkest secret that she thought no one else knew about. The book follows the different perspectives of all those involved with the secret, Catherine and the book she is sent. And as you read, you find out how the different characters have importance to Catherine’s secret and what her secret actually is.

My parents actually got this for me as a birthday present last year because they know how much I love thrillers and really enjoyed Gone Girl and Girl on a Train that have the same sort of vibes as Disclaimer. I can always trust my Mum for book choices and recommendations because we have similar tastes in books and will often read each others books because of this. My Mum urged me to read this (she read it first whilst it was at home) and I knew I had to give it a go.

I enjoyed the fact that this book was written in different time frames (past and present) and from different perspectives because it felt like with every page you uncovered more information that thickened the plot. I will admit that it did take a bit of getting into, but once I learnt more and more as I read – I was hooked I couldn’t stop reading! This book has such an amazing twist that I wasn’t expecting, which is what made this book so good in my opinion. I love when you think you have it all figured out but something comes out of nowhere but makes total sense. The ending and twist left me feeling satisfied with the story line and each character arc, which adds another win for me (I hate when you feel ‘meh’ about an ending of a book that you have been hooked on). I read it really quickly, all the twists and turns meant I couldn’t put it down.

Renee Knight captures real emotion and covers a range of real life topics (I won’t list them because it would spoil some of the story) in this book. The character development is great and the way the characters are written makes the story really engaging and adds depth to an already gripping story line. I will definitely be reading more books by Knight in the future.

So there was my lil’ review of Disclaimer. A definite must read for anyone who loves a good thriller novel! What books have you been loving recently? I am always looking to add more to my reading list!