I think we all know by now that I love Tanya Burr’s makeup range. I mention her products all the time because Tanya always brings out products that are so user-friendly and suit my makeup style so well. They are amazing quality for the price, beautifully designed and well thought out. Every time I hear she is bringing out a new range I get instantly excited because she out does herself continuously in terms of quality, product types and packaging. She creates products I love using every day. So when I heard she was bringing out the Selfie Story Range I got soooooo excited!

I have been trying these products out and wanted to give you guys a full review. I will talk about the range as a whole at first and then give you my thoughts on each product individually.

This range consists of 3 different products; Selfie Flick eyeliner, Selfie Sculpt eyebrow pencil (which comes in 3 shades) and Selfie Lash mascara. And I have to say, when she announced this collection I think it was the most excited I have been for a release from her brand. I love brow products and mascara, so I couldn’t wait to try them out. These are products can be so hard to get right, but seeing that I have never been disappointed by any of Tanya Burr Cosmetics products in the past, I wasn’t very worried. I know that Tanya only releases products that she loves and genuinely uses, so I had high hopes for these products!


The packaging is so beautiful! It is gold which I think looks really luxe, especially with the black details. It also fits with Tanya’s gold packaging of some of her other products, which I like as well. I love cursive writing and scalloped details on the packaging and the fact that they all have a similar design on each product, it looks super cute and adds a nice touch. The products feel really good quality and are quite heavy, making this range feel a lot more expensive than it actually is.

First, I am gonna talk about the Selfie Flick eyeliner (£4.99). I’m not really an eyeliner person since I still find it difficult at times, but Tanya mentioned that she designed this one to be super user-friendly which made me excited for this. The applicator has a really long wand which gives you a lot of control when applying this liner. It has a brush applicator that has a lot of flexibility, which is great for fluid lines and for creating that perfect cat flick! It is a really deep black shade which means you don’t have to keep applying to build it up, which is fab! This also lasts amazingly well which I found impressive since it isn’t specifically a waterproof liner. I can confirm that this liner made it so easy, and I’m a total noob when it comes to eyeliner. I think this a product definitely worth checking out if you want an eyeliner that does all the work for you and is a breeze to use.


Next up is the Selfie Sculpt brow pencil (£6.49). I was sooooo excited for this because I love Tanya’s powder brow kit already and it seemed like an even easier way to get the perfect brows we all want. I went for the shade ‘Medium’ which is a great shade for my slightly light brown hair. I’m planning on picking up the ‘Fair’ shade as well because I think it will be perfect for a more natural brow day or to be used at the front of my brows along with the Medium shade to create that faded effect. The pencil itself is so quick and easy to use, I couldn’t believe how little time it took to get my brows filled in as I like them (brows usually take me forever since I get so perfectionist about them)! It has the perfect amount of pigmentation where it looks natural, but can be built up if you want a stronger brow. It also has a spoolie on one end of the pencil  which is really good quality. This makes me love it even more because it is just more convenient to have something to groom my brows with on the same product. The shape of the brow product itself really reminded me of Benefit’s Goof Proof Pencil, I definitely think this is a great dupe. I have used Benefit’s product in the past but didn’t repurchase because it is quite expensive. But now that Tanya has come out with a drugstore alternative that comes with more product, performs just as well (if not better IMO) and is cruelty-free, I don’t see any need to purchase the Benefit one in the future.


And finally, the product I was most excited about…The Selfie Lash mascara (£7.99)! Tanya said she had been working on this for 2 years because she wanted to bring out the perfect mascara, and it shows. The wand is plastic and has lots of short bristles that help you get really close to the lash line and coat every lash. This mascara not only gives length and volume but it creates an amazing curl too, making it my perfect mascara. It is really buildable and doesn’t get clumpy with mulitple layers. This means that you can create a really natural lash with this, or layer it up for a dramatic lash look. It also lasts amazingly well on my lashes, it still looks perfect at the end of the day and doesn’t transfer (my pet peave) or flake off at all. The formula isn’t too wet or too dry, the formula is just spot on for me. This is definitely one of the best mascaras I have ever tried, high-end or drugstore. You also get 9.5ml of product which is amazing for the price and you know you’re getting your money’s worth! I know I will repurchase this over and over because it is such an amazing product and is so affordable as well!

Hope you can see the wand well enough in this pic!

So there were my thoughts on Tanya’s latest range. I think she has totally outdone herself – I can’t get over how amazing these products are! These have become some of my favourite products ever, let alone from her brand. I am so in love with everything and recommend you giving this range a try. The quality is outstanding for the price, the products are so easy to use and give such amazing results. Have you tried the Selfie Story range? I’d love to know your thoughts!