To kick-start the Autumn content this year (I am soooo excited), I thought I would do the Autumn Tag. I love reading people’s responses to this tag because Autumn/Fall is my favourite season and thought I would do it for myself. It seemed like a great way to kick start all this Autumnal goodness on my blog! If you’re reading this, I’d love for you guys to do it too. So if you want to hear all about my obsession with Autumn, just keep reading!


  1. Favourite Thing About Autumn – Well this is sooooo hard to pick for me (I actually did a whole post about this last year which you can check out here)! If I HAD to choose, it would probably be how cosy everything becomes as it gets colder.  The more layers, hot chocolates and blankets the better!
  2. Favourite Drink – Definitely a hot chocolate. This is really the only hot drink I like and consume it daily once Autumn hits.
  3. Favourite Scented Candle – I haven’t found “the one” yet for my Autumn candle, but in the past I have really liked Autumn Glow and Witches’ Brew from Yankee Candle. (If anyone has any recommendations please let me know!)
  4. Best Lipstick – If I had to pick I would choose Mac Twig because its mauvey/nude that is a bit deep but is still wearable. But I have a few that I love for Autumn time so stayed tuned for a post on all the Autumn lip goodness!
  5. Go-to Moisturiser – I would have to say Superdrug’s Vitamin E Intensive Moisture Cream because it is so rich and moisturises my skin so well without being thick and gross. I get so dry during the colder months and this really keeps my dryness at bay, whilst making sure my makeup looks good on top too.
  6. Favourite go-to colour on the eyes – I couldn’t choose a colour per say, but I know the two palettes with all the Autumn tones I need are the Anastasia Beverly Hill Modern Renaissance (review here) and the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette (review here).
  7. Favourite Music to listen to – I’m not a huge music person (I know, I am so weird!) But recently I have been really loving instrumental/acoustic music because its so calming and helps me relax.
  8. Favourite Outfit to wear – A flannel shirt layered on top of a t-shirt, skinny jeans and hiker-style boots for sure! Oh, and a wooly beanie!
  9. Autumn Treat – Cinnamon Rolls or Toffee Apples!
  10. Favourite place to be – Either in a park watching the leaves fall or under a blanket watching films with snacks and a hot chocolate…

So there was my response to the Autumn Tag. If you’re obsessed with Autumn as much as I am, please do this tag and send me a link so I can read your answers!