As much as I love watching Youtube and reading blogs for entertainment purposes, I also spend a lot of time finding recommendations of products and looks that will work or my fair skin tone. It really helps me see what a product is gonna look like on me whilst someone with a similar or matching skin tone is using it. Also, seeing swatches or a product in action to see how it will work on me. A lot of my fave fair skinned Youtubers also have the same kinda makeup vibe/style to me, which helps a lot too. I thought I would round up a few of my fave YouTubers who have fair skin and who I always look to for product recommendations, reviews and tutorials.

  • I Covet Thee – I have been watching Alix’s videos for a while now as well as reading her blog too.  I think we have the same approach to makeup and are after the same look for everyday – natural and low maitenance. I love her for foundation and concealer recommendations because we are similar in skin tone and are after the same finish/overall look of our skin. She has dry skin like me and often goes for a lower coverage, yet glowy look which I love. I got the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue (among other products too) on her recommendation and haven’t looked back since! Her voice is super soothing as well, which makes her so calming to watch.


  • Sophdoesnails – Sophie is someone I always go for if I want some creative eye look inspiration. She does everything from natural to full on glam looks, making her a great channel to look at for inspiration for my skin tone. Her makeup looks are always so creative and beautiful and she has inspired me to get out of my comfort zone a bit more because she’s shown me that colour can work on pale skin. I also love that she is so pro-drugtore with her makeup, making the products she uses really accessible. I really hope to pick up her eyeshadow palette that she collaborated with Makeup Revolution to make, it looks so beautiful and unique. She is also around the same age as me, so I can relate to her very well which I love.


  • Lindsey Rem – I love Lindsey so much! She has quickly become one of my fave Youtubers for sure. I love her vibe and her aesthetic so much, so easy to watch and follow her tutorials. I think her makeup style is really similar to mine too, I love recreating her looks. She is very similar in skin tone to me (maybe a bit more yellow) and we own a lot of the same products meaning I can recreate a lot her looks. She is also a university student so I find her super relatable and because of that she uses a lot of the same products but in different ways (e.g. multiple tutorials with the same palettes). It is so refreshing to watch her knowing she is using products she genuinely loves and uses everyday. I feel like I trust her opinion and know that the products will work for me as a result of this, because I can see how frequently she uses a product.


  • My Pale Skin – I feel like Em’s content is the most varied compared to my other recommendations. She does foundation testing, tutorials, reviews and a lot of product testing videos too. Not only are all her videos entertaining and fun to watch because of her personality, but I always learn something or am recommended with a lot of information, good and bad. The thing I love about Em is when she tests makeup out, she gives you all facts, does 10-12 hour wear tests, shows you before and after in low light and in artificial light, and checks in with you throughout the day so you can see how the product performs. She is so honest with her reviews which I really appreciate as well and think can be rare to find in some YouTubers lately.


So there were a few of my fave fair-skinned Youtubers!