I am on the hunt for my perfect foundation and concealer. I have found things I have liked (and disliked of course) but nothing I have fallen in love with. I saw that Rimmel’s popular Wake Me Up range had been reformulated it piqued my interest because I had heard a lot of people talk about this range in the past and I hoped that a reformulation meant that the products would be better than its previous success. I have tried the concealer in the past but I can’t remember being that blown away by it, so I wanted to give it a second chance and see what the foundation was like too. So I decided to give both a go and I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys.


The Foundation –

This foundation claims to be skin brightening and has an anti-fatigue effect on the skin which revives tired and stressed skin and also contains SPF 20. I have this is the shade Light Porcelain which is their fairest shade in their foundation and it is a pretty decent match for me, but I don’t think the shade range in this foundation is too great and I think a lot of the shades pull quite orange toned from what I have seen. I have found this foundation to have quite a light coverage, but it is buildable and covers the majority of my imperfections well so I have been reaching for this on an everyday basis. It contains a subtle shimmer which I think is meant to make you look more awake. It isn’t noticeable on the skin (unless you are in direct sunlight) and gives a really lovely glow which I actually quite like. The consistency is quite thick, which I wasn’t expecting. I think because it is a light coverage option, I assumed it would be a thin formula. I do find myself using quite a lot when I apply it though which I think is because the coverage is light, so I think I may go through this quicker than other foundations. It does emphasis my dry patches a little bit, but nothing too horrendous. But I do like the glowy finish for my dry skin.

The packaging is great. It feels really high-end in a glass bottle and it comes with a pump which I really appreciate! You get a good amount of control when using the pump as well, so you don’t waste product. I like the orange lid too, the colour really pops when it’s on display.

You can slightly see the shimmers in the bottle, they aren’t super obvious unless you are directly in the sun

In terms of lasting power, I wouldn’t say this is a great option if you want your foundation to last all day, but that’s the case with more dewy foundations typically and I don’t really mind that day-to-day. If I am wearing this for a prolonged amount of time I tend to just blot my T-Zone where I get oily and the problem is solved. I feel kinda neutral about this foundation after using it for a few weeks. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it, I kinda like it. I will keep using and see if my opinion changes as the seasons change, although I see myself reaching for this more in the summer.

The Concealer –

Oh man, I really don’t think I like this. I have the lightest shade, Ivory but it is so dark on my fair skin considering its the lightest shade and its supposed to be a brightening concealer! I can just about get away with the shade and my powder I use makes the whole situation a bit lighter which is good.  But it does crease a little bit on me after a few hours of wear, even after setting and it makes my under eyes look kinda dry.

The coverage as well kinda sucks for me. I have quite bad under eye bags and some redness that I like to cover with concealer and this concealer just doesn’t do anything for me. I might try using it with a colour corrector with it to see if that makes a difference, but that is an extra step I’d have to do. Which is kinda annoying when I don’t have this problem with other concealers I own/used in the past. It also, like the foundation doesn’t last very well which is kinda annoying because I want my imperfections to be kept at bay for as long as possible! I do kinda like it for brightening my forehead and chin and concealing around my nose, but other than that this is just a bit of a meh product. I also feel like the applicator doesn’t really distribute that much product so I have to keep going back into the tube to apply more, which just bugs me!


This might be okay for a no-makeup makeup look or something, but other than that I am unimpressed and know why I never repurchased this in the past. I will keep using it since I paid for it but I definitely won’t repurchase this because I have other options that I prefer.

Top – Foundation Swatch (pumped waaaay too much out of the bottle!) Bottom – Concealer Swatch with two swipes of product (thin formula and orangey…)

So there were my thoughts on the reformulation of Rimmel’s Wake Me Up range. I think the foundation is worth checking out if you are a dry-skinned gal and want a light coverage option for every day. But I don’t recommend the concealer unless you are blessed with no under eye bags and you just want to brighten the area up a little. Have you tried either of these products?  I’d love to know! 🙂