I was first introduced to Anti-hauls by Anna from the Anna Edit and have been interested in the concept ever since. As a student, I really plan my purchases since I can’t afford to spend as much as I would like to on makeup. I love Anti-hauls because I love hearing people’s reasons for not purchasing a product and I thought this post would be a great way to keep my on my path on spending minimal on makeup. This post will be based on fairly recent releases and upcoming ones too.

  1. Benefit Dandelion Twinkle – I’m not entirely sure about this highlight, nothing about it is screaming at me. I don’t feel like it is special enough or different enough for me to take an interest. It looks pretty and subtle which could be a plus point for someone. But it also costs £24.50 for only 3 grams of product (Benefit Mini boxed blushes/bronzers contain 3.5 grams, their normal sizes are 8 grams, just an FYI!!!!!) , that is INSANE to me! You can easily find just a subtle of a highlighter and a cheaper alternative at the drugstore, or even something similar that has more product so the high price . I know you only use a little bit of highlight whenever you do your makeup, but that was a major turn off for me.
  2. Ciate Glitter Flip Liquid Lip – Okay, these look fun. But I can’t be the only one who didn’t like the glittery/shimmery lip trend before it even began. I love the concept of these, but it isn’t something I would actually get and use myself (maybe once) so it really isn’t worth purchasing for me. It’s just a trend I cannot get on board with. I am so over all these brands releasing shimmery lip shades, they look cool sure, but I’ve never seen anyone wear it for an everyday situation – at festival or party maybe! I might just be getting old…
  3. Kat Von D Glimmer Palette – I looooooove KVD’s makeup line, everything I have tried I have been so impressed by and am so keen to explore the brand further. But I feel like unless you LOVE shimmer shades or are a working makeup artist this wouldn’t be that useful for the everyday consumer. A lot of my palettes already have shimmer options that I love, meaning I don’t really need a whole separate palette for that purpose. I also think a lot of the shades are pretty dupeable. It just seems like an extra step and product to add to the routine. The colours are pretty, but I don’t see myself getting enough use out of it to justify buying it.
  4. Too Faced Hangover Primer and Setting Spray – I was sooooo excited when I saw this was announced because the original primer is one of my all time faves. But after seeing reviews of this online I quickly changed my mind. The spray looks too aggressive for me, it would be okay as a primer but I feel like it would affect my makeup too much because of how powerful the spray is. I saw one person say it made their makeup congeal which just sounds so gross. Plus it is nearly £30, which I know it okay for  2 in 1 product, but I would really only be using this for a primer (which seems pointless anyway since I already love my original primer, which makes this an expensive setting spray for me), so it seems quite expensive since the UD All Nighter is £5 less and is a holy grail for me.
  5. KKW Beauty Contour Kit – I have warmed to Kim after seeing her appearing on so many YouTubers videos as part of her marketting. But after hearing such mixed reviews of the products themselves (let’s be honest, mostly bad) I am definitely not interested in anything from KKW Beauty. It seems so overpriced for the quality and amount of product that you get. Also as an international customer, the shipping and customs makes the price of these products monumental and definitely unjustifiable for me. But I do love the packaging, but that doesn’t justify me purchasing at all! There are so many contour products on the market now at a variation of price points, it is definitely not worth purchasing from KKW. It just seems like you’re paying to have something with her name on it.

So there was my first Anti-haul! I quite enjoyed it. What products are you not particularly interested in? I’d love to know! 🙂