I am a self-confessed face mask lover. I have been into them for a few years now, and can’t imagine my skin care routine without them. I love trying out new masks with different formulas/ingredients to fight my different skin concerns.

When the Expert Face Masks launched at The Body Shop I was super intrigued because they seemed to offer effective masks that were natural, with amazing ingredients at quite an affordable price (considering how effective they claimed to be and compared to other brands). I have tried three in the range so far and wanted to share my thoughts with you on the specific masks and the range as a whole.

I want to start off with my thoughts on the range as a whole. I love The Body Shop for skin care and body care, I love their ethos and their affordability for such quality of the products. The Expert Face Masks are marketed to be a way for you to get that quality facial feeling at home. The ingredients are inspired by nature, containing all natural ingredients. Each mask is formulated without any nasty ingredients (parabens, paraffins, silicone and mineral oil) and all the masks in the range are either vegan or vegetarian. And of course, they are cruelty-free since they are from The Body Shop. There is a mask for a lot of skin concerns and types, which I think is great because not only is there something for everyone, you can multi-mask and apply different masks at different zones of your face if you have multiple concerns you want to target.

You get 75ml of product in each jar. They cost £16 each, which is quite pricey for a high street brand, but the quality is up there with higher end skin care I have tried and the ingredients in this make the price justified IMO. A little goes a really long way with these products as well, meaning that you get your money’s worth and it lasts a long time, so don’t let the price put you off! The jar is made of glass, which makes the product itself feel so much more luxurious as well. They would make great gifts for anyone who loves skincare or deserves a bit of a pamper and you want something that is packaged well (they come in a box) and looks very high-end.

I have three masks I have tried from this range that I want to talk to you about today. The Himalayan Charcoal, Ethiopian Honey and the Japanese Matcha Tea. Each of these masks address different skin concerns, which is why I have a variety. And just for the record, I have sensitive skin and have no issues with these masks, which is amazing! I really hope I can try the others in the range in the future! My goal is to own all of them when I can afford a more expensive skin care routine and have them all display in a skincare cabinet once I’m not a student anymore!

How all three look whilst they are drying. Top to Bottom: Japanese Matcha Tea, Ethiopian Honey and Himalayan Charcoal
  • Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask – This was the first mask that I purchased out of this collection, I got it because I was in the market for something that was gonna help my dry skin since it was winter at the time and I needed to inject some moisture back into my skin. It says it leaves skin feeling nourished after each use, it hydrates and helps skin feel smoother and softer, which I totally agree with. From first use I was so impressed by how soft and plump my skin felt. I have used this bi-monthly since (I have another hydrating mask I am trying to finish first before I use this more often) and feel like it really has improved my skin texture over time. You barely need any product to cover your whole face as well, which means it will last you for ages, even with more regular use. The texture is quite runny, but it really melts into the skin as it dries. It smells so sweet, which is an extra bonus! I have worn this overnight once or twice when my skin really needed a boost and that worked amazingly well too. This one is vegetarian, since it contains honey.


  • Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask – I got this one in January when I used my birthday gift from The Body Shop loyalty card because I had heard so much about this mask, I think this is one of their most popular masks in this range. This mask seemed like a good all-rounder, it claims to draw out impurities and improve the appearance of pores, which makes your skin glow. I am a huge fan of masks with charcoal in because I feel like it really works to detoxify your skin and pores so I had really high hopes for this. I can’t believe how effective this mask is. Every time I use this I can actually see a massive physical difference in my pores, skin texture and black heads. I use this less frequently than other masks that I use to detox my skin, I use this more as an intense treatment when my skin really needs a good clean. I only apply this on my T-Zone since this is where my pores are the worst. It slightly tingles when you first apply it, but I kinda like that because it makes me feel like its doing something and it soon subsides. Dom and I both use this and still have loads left so you really get an amazing amount of use out of this for the price, especially since it is so effective. I would pay double the price for the mask this effective, its amazing that it’s only £16! This has bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves and tea tree (which you can really smell and makes the whole masking experence so much more enjoyable) in and is a vegan face mask.


  • Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask – Dom recently gifted this mask to me for our 1 year wedding anniversary, since he knows how much I love this mask range. This is their newest mask in their range and I was intrigued by this mask very much, especially since I have recently been getting into anti-polluting, natural skin care.  It claims to remove pollution, deeply purify and protect the skin. This mask is more creamy mask that contains Japanese Matcha containing anti-oxidants for healthier skin, Dandelion which fights the negative effects of environmental damage and Aloe Vera to calm and soothe the skin, and is also 100% vegan. This smells amazing, its such a relaxing, creamy scent that I can’t get enough of. This one also tingles when I first apply it, but it’s quite subtle and goes away quickly. I love removing this one because it has gentle exfoliation properties, so my skin is left so bright and soft after I remove it, making this a fab two in one product! And because it is so creamy you use such a small amount, so this is another mask that will last me ages! I haven’t used this mask for as long as the others, but I can already tell it’s gonna be a firm fave!


So there were my thoughts on the Expert Face Masks from The Body Shop. I would love to try the others in the future. Have you tried any of the masks in the range? I would love to know your thoughts 🙂