Well, when you’re reading this its mine and Dom’s first anniversary! I can’t quite believe we’ve been married a whole year! This year has flownnnnnn by! To celebrate we’re hoping (weather permitted) to make the most of living in Brighton, explore the Lanes, go to the beach/pier and then go out to dinner to celebrate in the evening πŸ™‚

What we’ve been up to this year –

  • After attempting a house share at the start of the uni year (to save money -#RentingInBrightonIsNotTheOne) we decided that it wasn’t for us as we never felt welcome there and the only space we had was our bedroom (which is very limiting) and moved into our own flat in January. This was such an exciting time for us and something I am grateful for every day. It is still a work in progress, but I love having our own space that we’ve filled with things of us and reflects us! I don’t think there is a more amazing feeling than moving into your first place with your S/O, its such a fun time, finding places for all your stuff, adding soft furnishings to make it feel more homely, having a space that is just for you where you can spend time doing your fave things together and just being with each other that often. We love having people over for dinner (Dom is amazing at cooking) and just having people in our flat is kinda surreal, since we couldn’t do it before. I just can’t wait till we have saved enough for a deposit on a house in the future and own our very own house!
  • Learnt a lot about ourselves and each other. Marriage/living together with someone is very different to just being in a relationship with them. You learn more about their habits, thoughts and feelings and how they recharge at the end of the day, etc. We did marriage prep before we got married (I definitely recommend this even if you aren’t religious, you learn so much about yourself, the other person, your relationship which I think is super crucial to how Dom and I have handled different situations in our marriage so far, good and bad!) and this really helped set ourselves up for married life because it can be so different to being in a relationship with someone. Everything we have learnt about our individual selves and us as a couple has helped us grow as people, and as a result has caused our relationship to grow too.
  • Survived a year of university together – Dom has just completed his first year at Sussex and I have finished my second year. University can be stressful at the best of times, but having double the stress under the same roof was a little challenging at times. But because we were in the same boat, it meant we both understood what each other was going through, which saved a lot of potential arguments! Dom is a music student and his modules required him to do a lot of practical work which is often all due at the same time, so during the assessment periods we didn’t really have much free time together which we both found hard. But since it didn’t last forever, we made sure we made up for it afterwards and had little moments of fun among the stress to keep sane! At the end of the year we both achieved a 2.1 which is amazing! I am especially happy because my grade counts towards my degree and its a huge relief to have a 2.1 as I prepare for my final year! Yay!

Here’s an assortment of pics from the past year, we rarely take photos or selfies so that’s why most of them involve food!


I’ve had the best year of my life so far with my best friend! I can’t wait to see what the next year of marriage brings for us.

Thank you for reading! πŸ™‚