It’s no secret to anyone that knows me that candles are some of my favourite things ever! I love the different vibes they can create with their different smells and the ambience that the candle light can give. With every season that comes, much like my perfume faves, I have different scents I gravitate towards during the change in seasons. I thought I would share with you some that I have been loving during the Spring and Summer months. I wanted to take a break from beauty posts and share with you some home-fragrance goodness!


During this time of year I tend to gravitate towards more light, fruity or floral scents for my candles so our flat smells like summer whether it feels like it or not outside (thanks British rainy weather!) These types of smells make me feel so happy and energised for the day ahead and makes me want to make the most of whatever sunshine we get. Here a few favourite candles I have been LOVING recently!

  • Dickens and Hawthorne, Coconut and Vanilla – This was a Homesense find (they do the BEST candles at amazing prices so I definitely recommend checking them out for any candle needs you may have) and I am so obsessed with this. Two of my favourite scents combined into one candle is a dream come true. This candle is very fruity and creamy which makes it really comforting to burn, the ratio to vanilla and coconut is spot on where both scents work in harmony rather than overpowering each other. Also the packaging is super cute which makes me love it even more. I definitely will be keeping the jar once the wax has melted to store makeup brushes or something!


  • Primark, Fresh Cotton – I purchased this last year and initially got it because I loved the packaging, I wanted to burn it up just so I could use the jar after so I didn’t really pay attention to the scent. But I recently starting burning it properly and I really loved it. I love any kind of fresh cotton kind of smell all year round, fresh sheets makes me feel so cosy and safe for some reason. But this candle has an almost manly, deep element to it which makes it smell like a man has just got out of the shower. I love deep, woody scents as well so this being a fresh, yet strong ticks two boxes! I have been loving burning this recently because it isn’t too overpowering (which I prefer in the A/W months). I wish I picked up more of these! Primark is also another great place to get candles, they do nice scents at affordable prices and a lot of the time the packaging is super cute too!


  • Yankee Candle, Pink Island Sunset Wax Melts – This is the Yankee range you can get at Asda which makes it cheaper than the normal wax melts from them. This scent just smells like a tropical beach, just what I think summer smells like. This smells floral but fruity at the same time, making it sweet but not sickly. This one makes me feel so happy whenever we burn a melt. I can’t believe how long an individual wax melts last as well, we have been burning the same one which feels like forever and it never seems to go down. I was so surprised by the fact that the scent is really strong and really fills a room whenever we burn it.


So there was my round-up of a few home fragrances I have been loving recently! I would love to do this every season or every once in while because I love candles so much and I love sharing them with people! Do you have any go-to candles during this time of year? I would love to know and discover new candles and scents that I will love!