Soooooo, this is pretty exciting… I HAVE THE NAKED HEAT PALETTE! When Urban Decay first released the teasers for this I got excited, well, VERY excited. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, it looked like the warm palette of my dreams. I told myself I would let the hype die down, wait for the calm, maybe ask for it for Christmas and I was happy with that. But time went on and I was speaking to a friend of mine about this palette and how much we wanted it and she said she would be picking it up soon and I thought I still have unspent birthday vouchers that I could use… and the rest is history! I knew I had to write about this as soon as I got it and give you guys my first impressions since the hype is so real with this palette!



This is such a beautiful palette, all the shades are so much more vivid and beautiful in person, everything you could ever want in a warm toned palette. The tones seem perfect for Autumn because of the warm bronze/amber/red tones, but I love warm tones all year round so I will definitely get the use out of it! I love that you can get a full look from this, there is every shade you could need for a warm eye look. You can go for more natural look with the more neutral, matte shades in the palette and of course there are so many options for a warm smokey eye too, but I feel like I can do any look, natural or dramatic and anything in between which makes this palette really versatile. You have everything for an entire eye look in one palette which is fab. I don’t really have any warm toned eyeshadow palettes since neutral/bronzey eye looks are kinda my safe zone, so this was a great addition to my collection.


The shades are so pigmented too, a few shades swatch a little patchy but I don’t always see that as an issue because finger swatches don’t always reflect how the shade performs on the eyes. I’m gonna try wetting my brush before I use the more patchy shades to see if that makes a difference with application if I have any issues. I feel like UD have really stepped up their formula since the original Naked palette (the only other Naked palette I own now, I used to have the Naked 3 but destashed it because I was unimpressed), the shades are so blendable and there isn’t much fall out. There is a great balance of shimmer to matte shades as well, in the past Naked palettes have lacked matte shades which is why they haven’t been that well favoured, but the Naked Heat actually has more mattes than shimmers which is amazing. I love when companies listen to consumers!

I really love the packaging as well! It’s plastic and feels super sturdy as well, which means your eyeshadows are well protected and the packaging will last and is travel-friendly, which is another great thing. I love the retro vibes of the colour scheme and lines on the packaging as well. It always feels like an amazing bonus when the product and packaging are as pretty as each other!


I haven’t had a chance to play with every shade so far since I only just got it, but so far I am so impressed with every shade I’ve tried and I keep wanting to use it every day. I think this palette is a great way for me to push myself out of my comfort zone of bronze tones and try out deeper eyeshadow shades on my eyes and perfect my smokey eye skills. I love how there are some deeper shades in here, but they are still wearable. My fave shades so far are Chaser, Sauced, Lumbre and He Devil. I can’t wait to start experimenting with the other shades as well. I can tell this palette is gonna be my go-to for the foreseeable future and because of how versatile it is, I know I will get so much use out of it. ย One thing I do wish that was a more warm gold shade to add a pop in the centre of the lid, but I have those types of shades in my original Naked or other neutral palettes so I don’t think that’s a huge deal breaker IMO.

I definitely recommend checking this palette out if you are a warm tone eyeshadow lover, maybe swatch it in store and have a look in person if you’re unsure. I am so excited to own this palette and get experimenting with different eye looks and shades. I am so impressed by the shade range and quality of the eyeshadows themselves. This is a great addition to my collection, all my warm toned eyeshadow needs have been met with this palette!

Lizzy ๐Ÿ™‚