Hello and welcome to my final post for Drugstore Week! Thank you for everyone for reading and for your comments on my posts, it really means a lot. I had a lot of fun working on content for every single day this week and I hope I can do this in the future! My final post is gonna be all about my favourite highlighters from the Drugstore!

Highlight is probably one of my favourite makeup products and I haven’t really tried many high-end highlighters since they seem to be so expensive and because of this I have tried a lot of affordable highlighters. Some Drugstore formulas can be glittery, chunky, powder or un-pigmented and I have my fair share of disappointments. But, I think that the drugstore offers some amazing highlighters at a fraction of the price of those that are high end and they often perform and make you glow just as well. Here are my favourite highlighters from the Drugstore…

  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Reserve Your Cabana – Yet another Kathleen Lights inspired purchases! She was raving about this because it is more of a natural highlight that gives you that glow from within look. I really like this on “no makeup” makeup days or days where I don’t fancy being super highlighted by still want a sheen. This is hard to get in the UK, but I ordered mine on Amazon so it might be a case of doing some research online. The pan is huge as well, you get so much product for your money! And, it also smells nice too, which is another plus point! This is also great if you have fair skin, its one of my most flattering highlight shades and isn’t obvious on my cheek when I wear it. I have only started to make a dent in it, considering I have only been using it for about a year.
  • Collection Speedy Highlighter in Pearl Sheen – This is my favourite cream highlight. It is so lightweight and doesn’t feel sticky or thick on the skin. It’s a really pretty light champagne shade that looks so nice on its own or underneath other highlighters. It also lasts a long time considering its a cream product and it blends out like a dream. I either use my finger or my Real Techniques sponge and either method works well. I do usually apply this before I powder my face, but if I forget to, this product is light enough so that it doesn’t affect makeup underneath too.
  • Tanya Burr Cosmetics Champagne Sorbet – This has become one of my fave highlighters ever. This highlighter can be applied in a sheer way for a natural looking finish or really built up for an intense glow. Champagne shades are my go-to’s for highlighter and this one is the perfect true champagne shade. This looks great on fair skin, but I’m sure it will work for other skin tones too. The powder is slightly drier than other highlighters in my collection, but that doesn’t affect the application or how it sits on the skin. This shade just catches the light perfectly, I love seeing the glow that this gives and I feel like J-Lo whenever I wear this!
  • NYX Strobe of Genius – I haven’t used this all that much because of how intense of a glow it gives, but every time I do I feel like I need to use it more! This is a kit with seven shades to make your cheekbones shine to out of space! Each shade is so intense but not in an off-putting way, it still looks semi-natural. The shades are really buildable so you have some control in how much glow you want, which I like. I think this is a great option because of the variety of shades you have, you can mix and match any of the shades to create your own, unique highlight shade. You can even lighten and darken any shades with the different tones so it works for you. I also like the shade range in this, you have more typical highlight shades on the bottom, but on top you have more unusual options, the possibilities are endless! I think this is worth checking out if you want more choice in your collection, because it is all in one handy compact.

So there were my Drugstore highlighter faves! What’s your favourite highlight from the drugstore? I also just want to say, thank you for reading and joining my for Drugstore Week. I’m sad it’s over, but I have had so much fun doing this week-long and its made me really keen to work on the quality of my content in the future and give more time to my blog!

Have a good week! šŸ™‚