Welcome to Drugstore Week Day 4!! I thought I would talk to you guys about my makeup application and what tools I use to help with that. Most of my brushes are drugstore because I think they perform and last amazingly well for the price, and I don’t think its even worth looking at high-end brushes because they can be overpriced considering they perform the same in my opinion.

L-R: RT Sponge, Spectrum A05, RT Setting Brush, Eco Tools Angled Brush, Spectrum B06

Since my whole brush collection is almost exclusively drugstore, I thought I would just narrow it down to my daily faves/go-to’s for you guys! These are just brushes that I use all the time without fail every time I do my makeup. All these brushes are cruelty-free and vegan friendly, which is amazing from the drugstore! Also apologies that some of my brushes are dirty, they were in use!


  • Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – This has been my fave product for applying my base for about a year or two now, I rarely will use a foundation brush these days. This has been my saviour for creating a natural look from my foundation, it feels like the foundation really melts into my skin and I love sheering out higher coverage foundations with this too and being left with a dewy finish. This sponge really helps diminish the look of dryness or cakey makeup which is why I love it so much. I definitely prefer to use it wet, but I know that Sam and Nic (creators of the brand) use it dry as well! It’s a great drugstore alternative to the Beauty Blender.
  • Spectrum A05 – Although Spectrum isn’t strictly drugstore (it is arriving it Boots soon though!), they are so affordable and amazing quality that I had to include them. This is the perfect contour/bronzer brush for me. It’s the perfect size for a more precise application, which is why I use it more for applying and blending my contour, but it works for bronzer too. I feel like the angle on the brush is perfect for creating amazing cheekbones and face structure. I have used this for blush as well, and its great for that too. It’s amazingly soft and pretty to look at too, which is a bonus! If you are interested in hearing more about Spectrum, I have a review of their brushes here!
  • Real Techniques Setting Brush – This is my ride or die highlight brush! I have never found a fan brush that I have liked and tend to stick with to stick with more tapered brushes like this. It fits perfectly on the top of your cheekbone and anywhere else you want to apply highlight. It’s the perfect size to control where you’re putting the product. I like to really buff my highlight into my face with this so it doesn’t look like it is sitting on top of the skin and it always makes the product mesh so well with my face. It also picks up the perfect amount of product as well.
  • Eco Tools Angled Brush – I love this brush for applying my brow powder. It is thin enough for precise brow hair strokes, but has enough movement in it that it isn’t too precise and looks to over-filled or fake (I’m not one for “Instagram brows”). This brush also works great for creating a faux-wing with eyeshadow for a softer eye look.
  • Spectrum B06 –  This is my favourite blending brush for applying and diffusing my crease or transition shade in my eyeshadow looks. It’s not too big that I don’t have control, but it is just the right size that the brush does a lot of the work and blending for you! I have two of these brushes and rely on them everyday, no matter what type of eye look I am doing. It is insanely soft and has the mermaid vibes that are so beautiful to look at and I feel so excited to use them!

There were my fave brushes from the Drugstore that I love using everyday to achieve my makeup looks. there is such much choice from the Drugstore for brushes, I love finding new faves! Be sure to look out for tomorrow’s Drugstore Week Post!