Welcome to Drugstore Week Day 2! Today I’m gonna talk to you guys about my fave face masks at affordable prices.

It is a common belief that if a skincare product is cheap/from the drugstore, it doesn’t perform as well as its higher end alternatives. But, as a student I can’t really justify dropping a huge amount of money on my skincare right now. This made me want to find face masks that work at a cheaper price, who doesn’t love a bargain?!

I have 3 that I am currently loving and they all have different promises and address different concerns, so there’s something in here for everyone hopefully! They are all under £15 as well which is a massive bonus, and each product has lasted a really long time (other than the sheet mask for obvious reasons!), so they are great value for money as well.

  • Loreal Pure Clay Detox Mask – I originally purchased this when I was in the market for a mask similar to the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask which I loved. I wanted something that really cleans out your pores and clarifies the skin and was clay based because I find them the most effective. This masks is so amazing! It does everything I want it to, my skin feels so clean and detoxed every time I use it. I use this once a week when I want a super deep clean and my skin looks clearer and brighter after every use. I only use this on my T-Zone because that is where my pores are the worst and my blackheads need the most targeting, and it makes a visible difference every time I use it. It does have a slight scent but it doesn’t break me out, but I’m not sure how sensitive my skin is, so be aware of that. Its £7.99 but it is often on sale for around £5 which makes the mask such a steal! I know a lot of people have compared this to the Origins and the GlamGlow masks, so this is a great dupe as well!


  • Sukin Oil Balancing Plus Charcoal Anti-Pollution Facial Masque – Since moving to Brighton I have been more aware of how the city air is affecting my skin. I feel like my pores have gotten a bit congested as a result of moving and I really wanted to target this. I saw this was on offer at Boots and was intrigued because I had never heard of this brand before and decided to give it a go. This brand is a natural brand and this mask is formulated without parabens, sulphates, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances which sounded amazing because I wanted to try out more natural brands in my skincare routine (it is also a cruelty free and vegan brand as well!). As a result this smells kinda earthy, but I really like that because you know nothing was added to it! This mask has charcoal in which I think helps fighting the pollution that could get in your pores. I always feel like I am left with a healthy glow after I use this mask. I feel like introducing this product into my routine has really helped keeping my oily T-Zone at bay during the hotter months as well, and I know my skin is so thankful for me using a product that isn’t full of harmful ingredients and this has made me want to explore this brand further.


  • Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask, Super-Hydrating Soothing Mask – I have just started to venture into the world of sheet masks but I’m so glad I did. I was a bit skeptical at first because it seemed a bit gimmicky and didn’t look very comfortable to use. But this mask has made me rethink sheet masks altogether! This feels so soothing whilst you are wearing it, you can almost feel the hydration entering your skin which is amazing when you have dry skin like me. This mask contains Hyaluronic acid which is amazing for hydrating the skin and Chamomile Extract which is really soothing and great if you have sensitive skin. Another great thing about this is that it’s only £2.99 which is an amazing price for a mask that is so effective. I think Garnier has loads of different sheet masks for different skin concerns so there may be something for every skin concern/type.


These were a few of my current fave face masks from the Drugstore! Let me know if you have any skincare heroes that are more affordable, I would love to know them! See you tomorrow for Day 3 of Drugstore Week!! 😀