I am SO excited for this post! I have been a huge fan of Zoella’s bath and beauty range ever since it launched, and have been a fan of hers for years. I have repurchased items from each collection numerous times and Zoella Beauty is probably one of my favourite beauty ranges ever for bath and body. Each new release Zoe and her team out-do themselves with the packaging, scents and products. This leads me onto her new range, called Jelly and Gelato, which is ice cream and summer themed which I am obsessed with. As soon as I saw the new range I knew I HAD to pick up some items in the collection.

All the packaging of the products are SOOOO cute, I love the pastel colours and patterns and ice cream inspired packing, so cute and very aesthetically pleasing. It all looks very high-end and well designed, which is amazing from a brand that is so affordable. I love that you can tell Zoe has put so much thought in the packaging and design, it just gives off Zoella vibes! I think all these products will look so cute on your bath-side, I know I can’t wait to show off mine. The scent is elderflower, pomegranate and double cream which sounded so up my street before I even smelt it, elderflower is one of my fave drinks and scents ever, so I was SOOOO excited for this. This scent just screams summer to me, it’s so fresh, fruity, sweet and creamy. I didn’t even realise that pomegranate and elderflower could smell that good together, but its a combination made in heaven. Definitely my favourite scents that Zoe has released and I really hope that she releases this scent in candle-form one day.

The products in natural lighting

Now onto the products I picked up…

  • Shower Sauce Shower Gel – This is just a regular shower gel, but like the name would suggest, it looks like strawberry sauce in the bottle, which makes it super cute and the scent makes it good enough to eat! I haven’t tried this yet, but once I use up my current shower gel I can’t wait to start using it.
  • Shower Shake Moisturising Shower Gel – When I saw the preview of the products, this was product was the one I was most excited for. First of all, the packaging is SO FLIPPING CUTE, I can’t get over it! I LOVE the milkshake packaging with the straw! (I just realised my photo didn’t include the straw, DOH! Sorry! 😩😭 please refer to photos above for the packaging!) It’s a creamy, moisturising shower gel which promises to leave your skin feeling soft after use. As someone who is trying to get into moisturising them body more, this sounded perfect way to save time (and effort). Because this has the moisturising properties the scent lingers on your skin as well, which is an amazing bonus! This feels so luxurious to use, perfect when you’re in the bath having a pamper evening. If you’re undecided about what to pick up, I would definitely go for this.


  • Gelat’Eau Body Mist – Zoe’s body mists are some of my all time favourites. Despite being a body mist rather than a perfume, they last really well and are affordable too. I was super excited to add this one to my collection. Not only is the packaging super adorable and photogenic, the scent is so dreamy. It’s a much more potent form of the range’s scent, meaning the elderflower and pomegranate really come through. I have worn this everyday since I got it, it makes me so happy to smell it, it just makes me think of summer days. This has become a new summer perfume fave for sure, but I know I will wear it all year round too!


  • Cream Scrub – I haven’t tried Zoe’s body scrubs before but I had heard that a lot of people compared them to the Soap and Glory scrubs, which is one of my favourite brands. This one looks really rich and creamy which is great for those of you with dry skin like me. I haven’t tried this yet either, but I’m super excited to. It is also bright orange, which reminds me of a fruity sorbet
  • Body Pudding – This is her moisturiser from the range and I love the ice cream tub inspired packaging. This has tiny beads that explode as you rub it in and Zoe has compared these to sprinkles, which is super cute. It is really light, meaning it absorbs easily but still feels super moisturising. You really only need the littlest amount of this which means the tub will last you such a long time, which means its amazing value for money too. I love using corresponding body creams with shower gels because I feel like it makes the scent last a lot better on your body, and I just feel like I’ve got my life together when I use products in the same range at the same time!

So there was what I picked up from the Zoe’s Jelly and Gelato range. Once I run out of my current bath type products, I want to pick up her Bath Milk Powder and Bath Wafers too. Once I’ve tried those out I am sure I will mention them to you guys if I like them. And with the products I haven’t tried in this post, once I do I will let you guys know my thoughts on them, but I can tell already that I will love them! I would definitely recommend checking this range out, if you love bath and beauty products. The scent and the products are so amazing, especially for the price. Well done Zoe and the team at Zoella Beauty!

Lizzy πŸ™‚