After seeing a lot about Rimmel’s new ‘Insta’ range on social media I was intrigued. There is a whole range of products in this range, that hold the promises of making you ‘#InstaFlawless’ and ready for any selfies that you might be taking. Since I have started to get into contouring, I was interested to see how the Contour and Highlight Stick worked out as a drugstore option. (BTW I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago, but due to going away and this month being kinda busy, my post schedule went a bit funny and this had to be posted later than I intended, sorry about that! Anyway…)

I have only been using this for about a week, but I have used it every time I’ve done my makeup so this post is kinda half a first impression, half review, but I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys!

It comes packaged in a stick form, with one half with the contour cream and the other with a cream highlighter. It is super convenient to have both products types in one package and it would be great to travel with or to use on the go since it is so slim and wont take up much room in your makeup bag and because it is a two in one product.


Now onto the product itself. I have really only started getting into contouring this year, so I was interested to see how user friendly this was. The creams themselves are the size of a lipstick, which makes them great for application because you can be precise with where you are applying it and you get more control. The cream formula itself is really blendable and has the right amount of pigmentation so it looks natural once blended.

The highlighter shade is really nice, a kind of subtle champagne shade that adds an amazing sheen to your skin. I have worn this alone, or under another highlighter shade and love it both ways. Wearing the highlight alone adds a soft, glowy sheen which is great for a more everyday/natural look. But when you layer this the highlighter with a powder it becomes more intense and adds a bit of extra something to the highlight that you layer on top. It lasts pretty well on my skin, but when layered with powder, it obviously lasts a lot better. Now on to the contour shade. I would say that this is more of a cream bronzer than a contour shade. But that is only because I prefer a cooler, shadowy tone for my contour shades. Despite that, I still love this product as a cream bronzer. It adds definition and warmth to the face without being too orange and looks really natural when I wear it. I would love to see how it wears without powder (every time I have worn this so far I have set it with a powder bronzer to extend the wear time), and summer always seems like the best time to try out cream products because they look more natural and have a nice sheen to them which fits the summer vibes.



Since this is a first impressions review, that’s really all I have to say about this product so far! I will continue to play around with it and let you guys know my overall thoughts. I recommend this product, its super easy to use and a great duo if you are looking to save time and space in your makeup routine!

Lizzy πŸ™‚