So, as you read this Dom and I are visiting home for a week to spend time with our family and friends. I think this will be our only time away from Brighton for the summer so I thought it would be a great time to share what I pack in my travel makeup bag. I’m not gonna mention every product that I’m bringing, since that could take a while and my makeup bag I’m taking is actually a lot bigger than the one pictured! But I am gonna share a few products that save space in my makeup bag and my go-to travel friendly products!

First thing I am packing are my primer samples that I have. I have three right now and I thought I may as well bring them all because they take up minimal space in my makeup bag and I just don’t get round to using them in my everyday life. I have the Too Faced Hangover Primer which is hydrating, the Pur Cosmetics Illuminate and Glow Primer which is a great glowy option and the Urban Decay Optical Illusion which is great for smoothing the skin and pores without making me too matte looking. So I have everything I could ever want for primer needs! Even if I don’t use them all, I still have options without taking up loads of room in my bag.


Next up is the Rimmel Insta Flawless Contour Stick (review coming soon!) and I chose this because it seemed like a good idea to bring a two in one product, to again…save space in my makeup bag! It is more convenient that having to bring a massive contour and highlighting kit along with me and there is less risk of powders breaking in my bag, but I will tape the lids down, just in case they come off in transit and potentially cause a makeup disaster!! Also the packaging is light weight and plastic making it travel friendly as well.

Another multi-purpose product I am bringing is the Rimmel Sculpting Kit. This contains a bronzer/contour, highlight and blush in one convenient palette and I think that all the products are usable and good quality. It is often with these type of palettes that I won’t like one shade or it won’t suit me, meaning I’ll have to pack more options with me. But because I love all the shades in this palette and they work well together, this is all I have to bring for my bronzer, blush and highlight needs. The packaging is small and slim making it a no brainer to take with me.


I also decided instead of bringing one big eyeshadow palette, that I would bring two travel friendly palettes. Even though it is nice to have options in a bigger palette, I will probably gravitate towards the same sort of looks anyway, so a big palette seems unnecessary for me considering the size. The palettes I have chosen have enough options between them anyway for any look I could need, whether than be everyday or evening appropriate. The two I have chosen are the Urban Decay Naked Basics and a Wet ‘n’ Wild trio. The Naked Basics is a great all matte palette (except for one highlight shade) that can be used alone or with other palettes. I decided on bringing the Wet ‘n’ Wild trio too because this contains all shimmer shades and the bronzey tones that I am comfortable with, which work with the Naked Basics and alone. This means that I have options without having to take up too much space.


My final travel essential is double ended brushes. I don’t use these that much in my everyday routine for some reason, but they are perfect for traveling because they are basically two brushes in one. This not only gives me more space but also more versatility and choice when doing my makeup since I won’t have all my usual tools with me. My two faves are my Tarte eye brush which comes with a blending brush and shader brush, and an angled face brush, brand unknown!


So there were my products I am packing when I go traveling! Do you have any essentials that you always bring when you are away?

Lizzy πŸ™‚