I have loved all of Tanya Burr’s releases with her makeup brand, Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I have been using it since she first started her brand and have continued to be impressed with every new launch, her quality and products keeps getting better and better! She recently launched two new ranges, Neutral Ambience and Chasing the Sun, and I have a few products from each range to talk to you about today.

I am gonna start out with the products I have from the Neutral Ambience range, since this launched first. I picked up the two lipsticks launched in the collection. There are also two eyeshadow palettes that launched too, but I didn’t pick those up because I am trying to use of some of eyeshadow palettes before I get anymore (but I love Tanya’s eyeshadow formula just for the record and plan on getting these in the future!), but you can never have too many lipsticks!


The two lipsticks that launched are called ‘Bear Hug’ and ‘Sunday Walk’ and are both in the peachy/pinky nude family which sounded right up my street. ‘Bear Hug’ is a peachy nude that I think will look great on so many skin tones. I was scared that this wouldn’t suit me at first, since peach tones don’t usually suit my complexion but this one has more of a subtle peachynessย which means it works for me and is a great everyday shade and pairs well with a lot of makeup looks. ‘Sunday Walk’ is more of a rosy pink which really brightens and adds life to the face. I like to think of this shade as a ‘My Lips but Rosy-er’! I always feel instantly happier whenever I wear this, the shade just brings me to life (even when I’m not really feeling like it!!) I love wearing this shade both fully applied or sheered out with my finger and this adds a lovely pinky sheen to your lips.

The formula of Tanya’s lipsticks is spot on in my opinion. I have tried others in her past collections and am so impressed and these shades are no different. It is a normal lipstick formula but something about these makes them stand out from others in my collection. They are so creamy and hydrating whilst still offering amazing pigment and lasting ability at the same time. They are one of my favourite lipstick formula’s ever, let alone at the drugstore. It’s just an amazing bonus that they are so affordable and under ยฃ10! The packaging is very luxe looking with the gold effect, and they are heavy as well, which makes them feel way more expensive than they actually are. I definitely recommend checking these out if you are in the market for a new nude lipstick!

Next up is the more recently released range called ‘Chasing the Sun’ and the products released with this range seem centred around what you’d expect from summer skin and makeup. The range includes 3 illuminating powders, 2 contour sticks and 3 lip balms. I picked up two of the highlighters and one of the contour sticks, but the lip balms look lovely and will definitely pick one up when I am in need of a new lip balm!

I picked up the highlighter shades in ‘Champagne Sorbet’ and ‘Peonies Please’ because these seemed like they would work with my skin tone best. The other highlighter is called ‘Warm Bronze’ and looks like an amazing highlighter for more medium-dark skin tones, which is why I didn’t pick it up. The powders have a beautiful marble effect to them and I love the gold packaging that matches some of her other products in her range. I also like that you can see the shade and marbling through the windowed packaging. The powders themselves are really soft and have the right amount of pigment to create a beautiful glow. The shimmer in these are perfect as well, not chunky or glittery and they catch the light beautifully. The shade ‘Champagne Sorbet’ is like the name would suggest, a beautiful champagne-gold shade and unlike anything in my collection. It creates an amazing glow, that can be soft and subtle or built up if you want a more blinding highlight. It also doesn’t emphasize skin texture either, which is an amazing bonus. I know this will become my new go-to highlighter because its so flattering and the perfect glow. The second shade, ‘Peonies Please’ is a lot more pink than I was expecting but is still a beautiful shade which reminds me a bit of Sleek’s ‘Rose Gold’ blush but more pink. It is an amazing illuminating blush that looks amazing during this time of year. You could also use this as a blush topper if you really wanted to increase the glow. Paired with ‘Champagne Sorbet’ they makes the most glowy combination that makes you look so healthy and awake. From my experience, drugstore highlighters can tend to be on the glittery or chunky side, but Tanya has gotten it spot on with this formula at an affordable price, definitely one of my fave products from her EVER!


The final product I picked up is her Contour Stick in the shade ‘Light/Medium’. This comes in packaging like the lipsticks and looks so nice on display. It is small and compact which I appreciate, meaning it takes up minimal space in your makeup bag or storage. I have only just started getting into cream contour but I am super impressed with this product. It blends out really quickly and easily because it is super creamy, making contouring/bronzing a breeze. I was worried that the size of the bullet would mean that you didn’t get much control when you were applying it, but it was more precise than I thought it would be and once blended there were no sign of any harsh lines or huge obvious stripes left on my face. This lasts really well on my skin as well, dries down to almost a powder finish and held up well in the summer heat which I think is impressive considering how much my face sweats! ย You need the littlest amount because of the product’s pigmentation, which makes me think this will last ages! The shade is great as well, being pale I am always scared that any kind of bronzer or contour is gonna come out super orange on me but this has the perfect undertone that makes you look natural, yet defined.

So there was my round-up of my picks from Tanya Burr Cosmetic’s new ranges. It is definitely a brand worth checking out if you haven’t already. For the quality and price point, you can’t go wrong! Everything I have tried I have loved and am always so impressed that Tanya gets it just right every time. I can’t wait for Tanya’s future releases since everything seems to get better and better with every release.