Since we are having a CRAAAAZY heat wave in the UK (well as I prepare to post this, it seems to be over… That was short lived!), I thought it would be a great time to tell you guys what I reach for when it gets super hot and sweaty to put on my face. I often embrace the slightly dewy (read: sweaty) look, because I don’t like looking too matte, but it will depend on the day and just how hot it is. A lot of the time I will alternative between just wearing concealer in the places I need it when I am not in the mood to wear foundation, or using the products that I am gonna talk to you guys about today! So here is my round up of base products that are perfect for me during this time of year


  • Too Faced Hangover Primer – I love this primer all year round because it is super hydrating. But I have been especially loving it recently because it in incredibly light-weight so it doesn’t feel heavy which is essential for me in summer. I feel like this actually does prolong my makeup a little bit as well. Plus the scent is super summery because it smells like coconut (which you know, I LOVE!)


Tinted Moisturiser/ Foundation

  • bareMinerals Complexion Rescue – I am tinted moisturiser girl at heart, I love wearing a light-medium coverage usually since I prefer a natural look. In Summer I always go towards a more light-weight base because I feel like it will just melt off my face if I wear something heavy during the day if I am going to be out and it would be a waste of product, time and money! This one is a great option for dry skin because it is really hydrating and gives a dewy finish, which I think looks amazing during this time of year. I think the product just enhances your natural skin and is a great option for an everyday, natural makeup look. I am on my second one of these, its my first base product for foundation I’ve repurchased so far, which I think says a lot.


  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Light – For when the weather is a bit cooler, I’m going out in the evening or I fancy a bit more coverage I go for this because it gives a good amount of coverage but is still light on the skin. I purchased this last year for my wedding and still love using it (it lasted 12-14 hours through all the emotions, food, hugs and heat in August which is impressive!). I feel like it lasts a really amazing time on the face, despite the weather and still looks natural. It can be applied to be quite light, or built up to be more of a medium if you want it to. I don’t always set this but I will if its super hot outside or I want to last an extra amount of time. I also love the packaging too, great for travelling!


  • Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer – I love to wear this alone or with the foundations I mentioned above. This is (again…) super light-weight and glow enhancing and offers the coverage I want without looking weird without wearing anything else on my face. It disguises dark circles and redness well, but since it isn’t super high coverage and glowy, I wouldn’t use it on blemishes. I sometimes use this all over my face as an alternative to a foundation and I love it. It also isn’t a super long lasting but its a great hydrating option from the drugstore and also smells like cucumbers which I love!



  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder – I have been using this powder for years and repurchased it over and over, but I have kinda strayed from it since discovering loose powders, but after shopping my stash a while back and finding that I hit pan I wanted to start using it up so I could move on to another pressed powder to see if I could find a new fave. But I have really been liking this for removing the oily look from the centre of my face whilst I look a bit more greasy in the summer time, this does set my foundation well, but I wouldn’t say it lasts an amazing amount of time when I use this. This powder is really non-fuss, it works and does the job you need it to do. Plus it is easy to apply since it is less messy than an loose powder. It is a great option from the drugstore and I would probably repurchase once I have used up any other pressed powders that I have in my current collection.


Setting Spray

  • Makeup Revolution Setting Spray – I don’t think I can survive summer without setting spray. I only incorporated it into my routine last summer and haven’t looked back since. This step makes such a difference in my makeup longevity, even my tinted moisturiser seems to be more present at the end of the day after I have used this. I love the Urban Decay All Nighter which was my gateway product into setting sprays, but since being on a student budget, decided to try the Makeup Revolution one instead. Whilst this one isn’t as good as the UD one in my opinion, it still makes a difference, and for Β£5 that is pretty impressive. The spray on it is nice as well, which can be an issue for the more budget sprays products I have tried in the past. Even if I repurchased the UD setting spray, I would still use the Makeup Revolution one on a daily basis and save the UD one for special occasions or times where I need my makeup to last an extra long amount of time.


So there are the products I have been using and loving whilst it gets hotter outside. What are your faves to use when the weather gets warmer?

Lizzy πŸ™‚