I will easily admit that I HATE doing my hair, I have no patience or time for it. I have wavy/curly, thick hair and it always feels like a frizzy mess. I am one of those people who regularly will just wake up and go when it comes to their hair. I only ever brush it when its wet after washing because it becomes this huge fluffy mess if brushed dry.

I kinda made it my mission for 2017 to at least make a bit more effort when it comes to styling and caring for my hair, and I have discovered a few low-maintenance products that I love for my hair type.

  • Hair Masks – I include this step about once a week to give my hair some extra TLC when doing my washing and conditioning routine. It really helps to deeply condition and nourish my hair and I can feel quite a big difference when I’ve used a Hair Mask. At the moment I’m loving the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle because I think the results are instant and it smells incredible!


  • Leave-In Conditioner – I was sceptical about leave-in treatments because I was worried they would build up in my hair and make it really gross and greasy looking. I use a light amount whenever I feel like my hair is feeling a bit dry and it really helps soothe any dryness/split ends I have. I don’t do this step every time I wash my hair, but if my hair is feeling especially dry. I am using another Aussie product (smells amazing, does the job and is affordable) which I love because its a spray bottle which means you have a bit more control over how much you use. I either spray this all over my ends, or spray it into my hand and run it through my hair for a more precise application.



  • Products for my hair type – I have always been scared to put styling products in my hair because as I said before, I am scared of product build up and weighing my hair down with product. I recently got my hair cut to about shoulder length, and whilst I love the length, I found that after I washed my hair it could go a bit fluffy and frizzy, rather than wavy. I did quite a lot of research to find a product that would enhance my natural wave and tame my frizz. I discovered the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie that was perfect for my hair type and answered my hair’s needs. This smells incredible, with coconut and hibiscus, it smells so summery. This product has made such an amazing difference to my hair. It looks and feels softer whilst diminishing frizz and bringing the bounce back to my curls. I tend to use this with damp hair and use the smallest amount and it really makes such a difference to my hair.


So there were a few products I’ve added to my hair care routine. I am quite low-maitenance when it comes to my hair so I wanted products that have pretty quick results and take minimal effort to use. If you have any recommendations for my hair type, please let me know as I’m always down to try new products.