I recently decided to change up my skincare routine and do some proper research into how to make my skin the best it can be. I spent hours looking through, blogs (Caroline Hirons is a total babe and my skincare saviour!), Reddit and online shops trying to troubleshoot my skincare concerns and see if I was missing something or doing something wrong. For reference my skin type is dry and quite sensitive.


I came across Korean skin care routines and was in awe of all the steps and products that are used in order to take care of your skin. I had become kinda lazy with my routine because I found that my skin had been super dry and making my makeup look gross so I didn’t really want to put time into it because I was so fed up. I knew I didn’t have the money to invest in a Korean-style 10 step routine so I thought I would see if I could incorporate ย a few new steps into my routine and see if that made a difference. ย My skin care routine has only changed at night-time, so that is what I am talking you through today. I started using a different cleanser for my first step cleanse (before I was using the same one twice) and really found that when I chose a cleanser that is specifically for makeup removal, the cleansing process became more efficient and my skin felt so much better as a result. For my first step cleanse, I have used either The Body Shop Oil Chamomile Oil Cleanser or the Cleansing Butter. But, the cleanser I have used forever and never strayed from is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, I do think this is an amazing makeup remover and cleanser, but I love using it after removing my makeup to remove any leftover residue and provide a clean canvas for the rest of the products as my second cleanse.


Another product and step I have added to my routine is an Essence. I apply this right after I have used my toner. This step has made SUCH A DIFFERENCE!! I can’t quite believe what a change this has made in my skin. It adds an amazing layer of hydration and prepares my skin for my serum and night cream and absorbs so quickly. I use the B. Essence Lotion and I am so impressed by it for the price that I paid. B. is an amazing drugstore skin care option if you are in the UK. This has totally diminished my dry skin and the patches of dryness have basically gone away now. My foundation has never looked better, I can wear fuller coverage, matte finishes (I will always be a dewy finish kinda gal, but it is amazing to have this option now) without any caking and minimal dry patches on show. I would love to try out more essences in the future, but considering my lower budget as a student, I think I will stick to this one because it is so incredible! I definitely recommend trying out an essence if you have dry skin, this has totally changed the game for me.

Exfoliation is another step that I never incorporated into my routine because I was sort of scared of it being too harsh on my skin. I had so much about the Pixi Glow Tonic and finally decided to take the plunge. I was so impressed by how gentle this is. And Because it is a chemical exfoliator, ย it is so easy and quick to do. I tend to use this 2 times a week to remove dead skin cells and it really makes a difference. My skin looks brighter and feels smoother. The ingredients in this are amazing too, and for such an affordable price (for the quality), you can’t go wrong. I feel like the bottle will last me for ages since I use such a small amount. Another great thing about this is that it smells so nice, which is a bonus because the product is so great!


Serums are something I haven’t really researched or put much thought into because I thought in the past I wasn’t really the target market for them because I was under 20 years old. Every one that I saw seemed so expensive so I decided to give this step a miss. It wasn’t until I was in Superdrug buying the essence that I found this serum. Also from B. and I saw that they had different skin care ranges for different ages. Despite just entering my 20s this year, I thought now was a good as time as any to try out their Phase 1 range which is targetted at those in their 20s. This has really helped keep my skin soft and hydrate it over night. And, because it is from the brand B. it is super affordable which is great for my student budget. I can’t wait to try out more from the Phase 1 range and hopefully discover more favourites. I use this before my night cream every night to target my dryness specifically and have found this has really helped my skin feel great.


So there was how I’ve updated my skin care routine recently. Do you guys have any recommendations for dry skin? I would love to know because I am always on the hunt for new ways to hydrate my skin!

Lizzy ๐Ÿ™‚