Hey guys!

Sorry for the silence for the past two weeks, end of year deadlines kind of took over my life! But everything is handed in now and 2nd year is over for me (eeek, can’t really believe that my degree is nearly over!) so I can finally start focusing on my posts and content over the summer which is super exciting!

I wanted to start off and get back into the swing of things with a review post. I have been trying out these brushes since Dom got them for me for my birthday in January and I wanted to get proper use out of all the brushes before I did a review on my blog. So here it goes…! (Again I am sorry about the low quality pictures, still in the process of trying to sort that out – any help would be hugely appreciated!!)

So the brushes are from Spectrum, which you may have heard of, the brand kinda exploded on social media about a year or so ago and I had wanted to try the brushes as soon as I saw them because they looked so beautiful. Inspired by all things mermaid and unicorn these brushes are so pretty and unique. They have a few different colour schemes as well which are all equally beautiful (I have some of the marble inspired ones and they are to die for!) and  they offer tonnes of different brushes for every makeup need in both sets and sold individually which is amazing. They are also cruelty-free and vegan as well which is another amazing win for this brush brand. I was so excited to receive them for my birthday, they are so much prettier in person than online!


This leads me on to the brushes themselves. I have the ‘Attention Seeker’ Essential Set which includes numerous brushes for face and eyes which I think is an amazing idea to include a mix of both. All the brushes are useful for any type of makeup look and ensure whatever makeup look you’re going for, that your makeup is going to look great! Guys, I’m not joking when these are the SOFTEST brushes I have ever felt. They feel incredible. To some people soft brushes is a negative thing, but I think it diffuses the colour I’m applying so nicely and blends out my makeup like a dream. I have used them every single time I’ve done my makeup since I got them back in January and haven’t noticed any shedding whilst I use them and they wash so well. They look amazing displayed with your makeup collection, I store mine in my Starbucks Mermaid mug (also a gift from Dom, he is SO good at gifts) and I think it looks so dreamy that I can’t stop looking!!

Even though I love every brush in the collection and get use out them all I do have a few standout faves! The first fave is the B01 Foundation Buffing Brush because it applying my foundation so quickly and seamlessly. I haven’t really touched a foundation brush since discovering the Real Techniques Sponge but this brush doesn’t cause any foundation streaks and I feel like the foundation really does get buffed into this skin because of this brush. Next up is the A01 Powder Brush which I use when I am applying my powder all over the face to set. Before this brush, I never owned a powder brush that was this big because I liked a more targeted application but I love how quick and easy this is to apply powder and it feels so nice whilst you do it because the brush is so soft! My fave eye brushes are the A06 (shader brush) and the B06 (blending brush) because these two are a winning combo to apply eye shadow and blend it out too. The B06 is especially good at diffusing the harsh lines of eye shadow in your crease which makes it a firm fave, whilst the A06 is great for quickly applying shadow all across your lid with no fuss at all!


I think this brush set is so amazing! I really recommend it for those of you who want to add to their brush collection because the brushes are so useful for makeup application. I also think this would be a great thing to pick up or ask for if you are new to makeup and want a set to start your brush collection. The price (£39.99 for 10 brushes) is incredible for how much you get and the quality of the brushes too and they are so beautiful as well, which makes these brushes a total fave for me! I am already planning on which ones to pick up next!

Lizzy 🙂