So, a few weeks back I decided to have a sort through my makeup collection and see if there were any products I had neglected or forgotten about. I noticed that my MAC palette (still on the journey to complete my own pro-palette) had been sitting there for a while. Remembering how expensive each shadow is, made me realise I should use it more. During this I also realised that I don’t use my Benefit Cream shadow much either. That brings me onto my latest discovery…


Both these products look awesome together! Because they are quite similar in tone and finish, it makes for the perfect combo. Each of these are on their own are pretty, but something special happens when I use them together. I love how quick this is to do as well, great when I am in a rush in the morning for a 9AM or for a no fuss weekend makeup look!

The reason I stopped using the Benefit cream shadow is because despite being called ‘creaseless’ it creases like CRAAAZY on me! But when I discovered that All That Glitters is a similar shade, I thought it would be a great base and it worked so well. The light champagne and slightly pink tones of both shades mix so well and make a beautiful champagne pinky-gold and this combo actually lasts a decent amount of time on my lids considering how oily they are. Both of these shades make for a fuss free, pretty eyeshadow look which is perfect for this time of year.

Making this discovery has made me want to set aside some time to see what other winning eyeshadow combos I can find in my collections with my other cream eyeshadow! If you haven’t done it already, I really recommend it, you never know what you might find!

Lizzy ๐Ÿ™‚