I love mascara, it is defintely one of my fave makeup products. Mascara and concealer are the two products I couldn’t live without. I am always intrigued by a new mascara or by one I’ve never seen before. They are one of my favourite makeup products to try out too, because you can usually tell right away if you are going to like it or not. I love the moment when you apply it for the first time and wait to see if it has transformed your lashes or not. Sometimes you will be trying a new mascara and you will fall in love, sometimes you are stung with a bitter disappointment, that it wasn’t meant to be.


This brings me on the Rimmel’s new mascara called Volume Shake mascara. I saw this in Superdrug and I knew I had to try it to see whether it was gimmicky or not. Β It is designed to be like a cocktail shaker and the shaker is supposed to keep the mascara clump-free and keep the product fresher for longer. I usually love volumising mascaras so this is what made me want to give this a try. I had quite high hopes for this, since I haven’t tried a mascara from Rimmel that I have been disappointing with so far. But I am sorry to say, that I don’t really like this! 😦

I don’t think that itsΒ that volumising to be honest, it is nice for a more natural, day-to-day look but I would say it just makes my lashes look only a little bit better. It also doesn’t last amazingly well on me, I always get smudging whenever I use this, and by the end of the day the tips of my lashes don’t have product on which can be annoying. Its quite a wet formula, which I don’t mind too much but it makes it really hard to remove and stay put. One last thing I don’t like about this product is that my lashes do clump when I use this and it happens quite quickly as well. I like to be able to build my mascara if needed, and I don’t feel like I get the option with this. I also am not a huge fan of the brush either, it just seems a bit meh to me. I usually prefer plastic wands so that may be the reason.


I think you might like this mascara if your lashes aren’t long and already have a natural curl, that might be part of the reason it doesn’t work for me. And mascara is quite an subjective makeup product since we all have different lashes. I would say that this product is quite gimmicky and it can be a bit of a fuss shaking it up every time you use it. I may reserve this product for times when I won’t be wearing mascara very long since I’m not impressed with the lasting power. Despite not liking it that much, its not the worst mascara I have ever used and may keep it for less dramatic option.

Have you tried this mascara or any others recently? What mascaras would you recommend to me, I love trying new ones out! I would love to know!

Lizzy πŸ™‚