Hey everyone!

I have seen so many videos/blog post on empty products and mini reviews of the products and have always wanted to do a post like this but I always end up throwing the packaging away once it’s used up!! But I have been intentionally keeping the packaging to write this post (I did throw away a lot of products so here are the ones I remembered to keep!) So I am going to feature some empty products and let you know my thoughts on them and whether I would repurchase. (Sorry about the bad picture quality I took these on quite a grey day 😦 )

  • L’oreal Brow Artist Plumper – I love this product for setting/adding a bit of colour to my brows. It makes my brows look so much fuller but in a natural way. The shade itself has a bit of a metallic finish to it, making the brows look more natural because they look more real when they catch the light, because of the hair-like look . Once I run out of my current tinted brow gel I will definitely repurchase!


  • Simple Micellar Water – I tried this last year and didn’t really get on with it because it stung my eyes a little bit, but saw it was on offer and decided to give it another go. It gets the job done in terms of makeup removal but I feel like it dries my skin out slightly and since reusing my Garnier one, I have noticed that my skin feels better than when I previously used the Simple one. You may get on with it better if you don’t have dry skin, but I don’t think I will get this again and stick with my Garnier one for now.
  • The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Shower Gel – I know you can’t say much about a shower gel because they are all intended to clean you. But the fragrance of this is so incredible, definitely my fave Christmas scent from TBS! Luckily for me, my brother got my another shower gel and gel cream in this range for my birthday so I have a backup to use since it was limited edition and can no longer be purchased.  But I really hope they reintroduce this scent this Christmas, or something similar.


  • bareMinerals Well-Rested Face and Eye Brightener – I got this in a Christmas set two Christmas ago and did like using it occasionally. I didn’t really feel like it did anything in terms of brightening up my face though, although that could be down to the shade that I had. It is only a sample size, but I don’t think I would get the full size since I am fine with just concealing my under eyes. It did create a nice base for my under eye concealer sometimes so that was something I liked.
  • Liz Earle Moisturiser – I love this! I haven’t found a face cream that I have committed myself to yet, but I feel like this could be a contender because I can see myself repurchasing this again and again. It smells lovely, doesn’t aggravate my skin and gets the job done. Next time I would go for the one targeted at dry skin since I feel like the benefits will be even greater than this once which is for normal skin. I would recommend this to everyone though, your skin feels so soft afterwards and it is great under makeup as well.


  • Liz Earle Shampoo – The shampoo and conditioner was a gift from my Grandma (she is a total babe and often treats me to Liz Earle or kindly gives me her gifts with purchase that she gets when she purchases anything) and I am so impressed with this. I wouldn’t normally spend this much on my hair, its something I know I should take care of, but can’t really be bothered to. But I can really feel and see a difference when I use this, which says a lot because I don’t usually notice anything when it comes to my hair at all. It smells awesome too, so herbal and fresh which makes it a joy to use because I love these kind of smells. I already have a backup of the shampoo and conditioner to use soon, and a hair mask as well. All of which I am super excited to use in the future.
  • Barry M Feature Length Mascara – I touched on this mascara in a previous post (linked here) but I wanted to give my final thoughts now that it has dried up. I really like this mascara for a natural, everyday makeup look. It lengthens your lashes in a really subtle but pretty way that has a subtle effect but is still nice. The packaging made it feel really high-end as well, with the weighty-ness to it and the rose gold. It is also a great, affordable, cruelty-free option as well if you are interested that.

So there was a round-up of a few empty/used products and my thoughts. Are there any products you love and repurchase once it’s used up?

Lizzy 🙂