Ever since I tried the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge I have fallen in love. I can’t imagine using anything else (other than possibly trying out the Beauty Blender once I’ve graduated and can afford to spend £16 on a sponge!) for my base. I do use a brush on occasion if I feel like mixing it up but since I prefer a more dewy finish I often opt for my sponge. Because my skin is so dry, I feel like the sponge just works so much better at applying the foundation so it melts into my skin rather than rubbing is around with a brush, I feel like sometimes my skin looks so cakey and the dry patches are emphasized. I also love using my sponge to dull down any intense powder product application that I have done if I went OTT with it. In my eyes this sponge could do no wrong, especially for the price – I think its such an affordable option if you can’t afford the Beauty Blender.

This brings me on to Real Techniques most recent launch of their sponges. I saw this on Instagram and it immediately got my attention. It was my fave sponge but in different colours! I will admit, the variation on the classic orange colour is what got me interested in these. They are exclusive to Superdrug I think so I went straight to the website and checked them out. I then saw that they were a release in support of the charity Marie Curie that supports and cares for people suffering with terminal illness. It says that £10,000 of the sales will go to the charity which is great. It was on offer when I purchased it as well, making it more cost-effective because it is a pack of 6 which is always a bonus!

I love the packaging of these, it looks like an egg carton which is super cute and very appropriate for Easter as well! Maybe you could convince someone to get you these as an alternative to an Easter Egg, I know I would love that!! I think these are a really great buy if you love the RT sponge because they are great value for money, super cute in the pastel, spring like colours and its a purchase with a good cause as well! I am unsure whether these are limited edition, the packaging certainly implies that it is a spring-themed release but you never know! Do you have a favourite way to apply your makeup? I’d love to know and see if I am missing out on anything!

Lizzy 🙂