I have seen loads of videos and blog posts of the idea of “shopping my stash” where the particular person will go through their makeup collection to re-discover makeup they may have forgotten about whilst buying new products or finding new faves. So when you shop you stash, its like buying something new without spending the money (so good if you are a student like me!) which is what drew me to the doing it in the first place. I wanted to do this post to give you my thoughts on it, and a few re-discoveries or rarely used products in the process! I am planning on doing some reviews and other types of posts in the future after doing it as well.

My thoughts –

I decided to do it in the first place because I wanted to see how I switch up my makeup routine because I got stuck in a bit of a makeup rut and fancied seeing what else I had on offer. I actually found it so much fun looking through my makeup collection and finding items I used to looooove but just forgot about. Every time I do my makeup I choose the items everyday from my storage rather than having a makeup bag (thinking about it now, this would be a lot easier and quicker for me in the morning) so I see everything I own everyday, but I still grab the things I am loving at the moment rather than mixing it up.

What I really loved about the experience is that it kinda felt like I was trying the products for the first time and had that new-ness feeling. It made me realise that there are a lot of products that were gathering dust and I didn’t really need to buy products that I have my eye on for because I have products that are similar or that I can use up before I can purchase the new items. I also think that it will make my makeup purchases more satisfying and gratifying because I won’t be purchasing items for the sake of it and will know that I really want them because I waited for it!


A few re-discoveries –

  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder – I have been through so many of these, but because I have been having a moment with loose powder recently (I love the RCMA No Color Powder and the KVD Translucent setting powder) that I kinda forgot about this. But this is a great simple but effective powder!
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer – I can’t say I have been a huge primer person in the past since it seemed like an extra step that I was too lazy to do. I find this one is a great drugstore option that makes makeup last a lot longer than without. It creates a good amount of tackyness that foundation just stick to.
  • Benefit Bikini Tini cream shadow – This was one my first ever blog reviews that I ever did. I stopped using it because despite the name “creaseless” it is crease on me because my eyelids are so oily! But I found setting this down with a similar shadow shade or with a setting powder it helps the longevity. It is a nice everyday shadow option
  • Collection Lasting Perfection concealer – This is another old faithful product that I have repurchased a few times. I have opted for lighter more dewy concealers in the past, but I am having some skin issues recently with spots and dark circles because of uni stress and I dug this concealer out for the extra coverage and staying power and have been loving it.
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette – This was my first high end eyeshadow palette and a cult fave for a lot of people. I kind of forgot about it whilst using ABH and my Tartelette palette but decided to start playing around with this again. I have gained eyeshadow experience since last using it and have become more daring with my looks which has helped me get more use out of this palette. I haven’t used all the shades yet, but I love the neutral options in this palette that can both be natural and more smokey for day or night. It made me realise how much of a standout palette this one is, and why it is so well loved.
  • Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer – Being pale, it means that its easy for me to go overboard with the bronzer and look muddy. Since it has been winter and I have been at my palest (aka only one or two shade lighter than in summer because I don’t tan AT ALL!) I have gravitated towards lighter, matte bronzers that add a subtle amount of colour that just adds a bit of dimension. But since its getting into spring and I want to look like I actually leave the house I have given this one a try again and am not disappointed, it is still really natural looking, whilst still adding a bit more bronzi-ness than normal making me look and feel more alive.

So there were my thoughts on shopping my stash and some thoughts some standout products that I forgot about. Keep a look out for product reviews of some items I haven’t mentioned. Have you re-discovered some products recently? I would love to know!

Lizzy πŸ™‚