So I have recently got quite into cooking. Even though Dom and I are married now and it would be easier for me to let him do it for me all the time (he loves cooking and is really good at it!) I decided that I wanted to learn and love cooking because of how much I love food.

I found that reason I wasn’t as into cooking as I would have wanted was because of lack on inspiration. I didn’t want to get stuck into a routine of only have one, signature dish that I would always fall back on. But I recently have accumulated a few cookbooks that haven’t let me down and have made me want to become as good as a cook as Dominic. I thought I would share a few of my current favourite cookbooks to perhaps inspire you, or introduce new cookbooks to you guys because I know I could keep buying cookbooks forever! I think these cookbooks are especially good for beginners (and anyone for that matter) and have helped ease me into cooking in the best and most un-daunting way ever!

  • Deliciously Ella – I have two of Ella’s cookbooks but I tend to reach for the orignal more because I find it a great book for my current situation as a new cook. It is a great introduction to those of you, like me who are trying to sample a plant based diet because there is a range of recipes for every meal. It is packed full of information and recipes that are really yummy and nourishing at the same time.
  • The Vegetarian Student – I was gifted this for my birthday back in January and I really like it. The fact that it is a student cookbook means that the recipes are cheap and easy to do. There are ranges of recipes that can be made for 1-6 people so its a great one for individual cooks, but there is the option to get inspired when you have friends over. We have a few student cookbooks and I love how simple and easy to follow they are, making them a great option for a new cook.
  • Tanya Bakes – This is more of a baking book, but I absolutely love it! Tanya has definitely got it spot on with this book. I love baking so much, I was doing it long before I started cooking. But I am a sucker for sweet treats so I had to include it as a current favourite cookbook. There is such an assortment of recipes, sweet and savoury for any moment or time of day which is what makes me gravitate towards it when I want some baking inspo. She makes the recipes so easy to understand, and the little bio of each recipe makes the book so much more personal and thoughtful.

So there were a few cookbook faves for mine. I have so many that I love, but these are the ones I grab the most at my current level of cooking skill. If you guys have any recommendations for good cookbooks for beginners, I would love to know!